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  1. I don't know if cut content is great news, especially considering the anticipation for this game is a lot higher than the rest in the series.
  2. I think it would hurt its market a little, considering the series so far hasn't been geared toward just one demographic. With Pirates, it's a little different; those games are meant to be darker given the subject matter of the films and people more than likely expect that going into them. Honestly, though, I don't think a T rating is necessary for KH3 to be darker than its predecessors. I think it can accomplish that without offending too many people.
  3. Wasn't referring to that one. I was talking about the one towards the beginning that sounds almost nothing like Hayden, hence why it's weird.
  4. That weird Kairi line from the trailer is the only reason I'm not shooting down this possibility.
  5. I... can't decide if this is actually a serious post. Is it bad that I kind of want a live-action movie, even if just for kicks? :happy:
  6. Plus, would Genie really be dumb enough to let Jafar out of his lamp? Unless he suffers from memory loss like everyone in Atlantic.
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