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    Xail got a reaction from CardCaptorDeadpool in Why Does Riku's Head Hurt?   
    to this day i still dont know what that cutscene is about
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    Xail reacted to baylaust in Nomura talks Kingdom Hearts III with Dengeki PlayStation   
    "Outfits and battle gameplay will be introduced another time"Please tell me he's not going to ditch Sora's criminally underused KH2 outfit...
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    Xail reacted to Tails in I wonder how the X-blade would look in KH 3   
    It will look like how it did in BBS.
    Now the real question is: Will the X-blade become a playable weapon?
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    Xail reacted to Rob in Girl shoots dad with arrow after he takes away her cell   
    When I read the title, I thought she shot him in the knee.
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    Xail reacted to Weiss in The PS3 helps the police catch a suspect   
    This is the true hero of the world

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    Xail reacted to Rob in Final Fantasy Characters in Future Games   
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    Xail reacted to Rob in Who VS. Who & Teams   
    Braig vs Goldfish.
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    Xail got a reaction from Allpro11414 in Who VS. Who & Teams   
    ventus and vanitas vs roxas and sora
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    Xail reacted to Amon in Why do people hate atheists   
    Well, Scientology is centered around scamming people out of their money and threatening those who oppose them with lawsuits and even physical violence. So there you go. 
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    Xail reacted to Amon in Join the Canadian army.   
    Canada actually has a really badass military history if you look into it. 
    Their motto is basically "We'll do something badass, you can take all the credit." 
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    Xail reacted to TheApprenticeofKingMickey in 5 Questions With The Kingdom Hearts Cast   
    Well, if that entire script wasn't out of character, I don't know what would be.
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    Xail reacted to Gambler'sApprentice in 5 Questions With The Kingdom Hearts Cast   
    Sora, do you still think it was a good idea to kill the Nobodies now that you know they had hearts?
    Kairi, are you planning on doing something soon?
    Luxord, can I have an explanation as to what the bloody smeg was going on with that boss battle?
    Namine, could you try some assertiveness exercises? I mean, you define yourself as a shade of Kairi, with the only purpose to existence being helping Sora.
    Xaldin, what happened to you? Dilan was a decent person, but you can't go 5 minutes without going into a monologue about the evils of love
    Jimminy Cricket. you're fired, we've had three games that would be either entirely different, or completely unnecessary if you could keep track of your journals. You. Are. Terrible.
    DiZ, *bang* you're lucky I let it be something so quick and relatively painless
    Xehanort, I understand you see people as less important than your X-Blade, but considering you've been on this track for a good 30 years and all you have to show for it is two failed Kingdom Hearts, 6 new Keyblade wielders you didn't intend for, and your closest ally being Xigbar, might it be time to take up another, more successful hobby?
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    Xail reacted to Amon in Now That The PS4 Has Been Announced, What About KH3?   
    Because KH3, a game that will take approximately 3 to 5 years to complete once they actually get started can get crammed onto the PS3 when it doesn't even have a year left. 
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    Xail reacted to Aqua7KH in LOL isn't funny anymore   
    My mom one time was all like "Your aunt is in the hospital, lol."She thought lol meant lot's of love.
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    Xail reacted to P50L in Scientists on the brink for an HIV cure   
    This is a great breakthrough, after searching for a cure, we may have finally found it!
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    Xail reacted to Villi1997 in So true   
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    Xail reacted to Loki in Does Sora summon Simba in KH3D opening?   
    And here I thought for sure it was going to be Bambi.
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    Xail reacted to Blake in Does Sora summon Simba in KH3D opening?   
    He is going to claw Xehanort's face off.
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    Xail reacted to Shana09 in Does Sora summon Simba in KH3D opening?   
    Does Simba look like that important of a character to be at the end of the OP?
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    Xail reacted to CloakedSchemerX in Xigbar's eye   
    That, my friend, is foreshadowing and symbolism.
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    Xail reacted to Dave in Missed Possibility in Country of Musketeers   
    There was something missing in The Country of Musketeers level that I desperately wish someone had realized and put in, because it would have been such a great character moment for Sora, Donald, and Goofy.
    Right as Donald runs away to try and avoid further trouble, Sora should have caught up with him. Then, once they bump into Goofy as well, and are wondering about what needs to be done, Donald is still obviously distraught. Then, Sora comes in with:
    "Hey, no frowning, no sad faces. This ship runs on happy faces."
    And then he gets both of them to smile.
    It would show how deeply Sora still treasures their friendship that he can remember how Donald and Goofy managed to help him when he was in a state of emotional doubt, and now he finally has a chance to repay the favor.
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    Xail reacted to Hei in About Disney Castle...   
    I wouldn't doubt it for a second
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    Xail reacted to Weiss in About Disney Castle...   
    What if
    Yen sid's original name was Disney and he changed it and became an old sorcerer man who lives alone in a tower.
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    Xail reacted to Dave in About Disney Castle...   
    So, Mickey's Castle is called Disney Castle, according to the world title in KH2. Also, the realm he rules over is referred to as Disney Town, according to BBS.
    Here's the thing: to refer to it as Disney Castle would be to acknowledge the existence of a person named Disney within the canon Kingdom Hearts world. And this person had to be important enough to name a castle and city after him.
    Is Walt running around somewhere in the Kingdom Hearts world?
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    Xail reacted to Dave in Mushroom XIII's Somebodies   
    All of those Toads that Bowser's killed over the years?
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