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    Zola got a reaction from WakelessDream in What are your impressions on playing as Sora in Smash Ultimate?   
    Very floaty
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    Zola got a reaction from Mark Cummings in If KH3 got its own Event for the Release Date, what would you call it?   
    A long expected party
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    Zola reacted to Snow in A sappy thread from an old member   
    Hey guys, I've been meaning to make this thread for a while, and I figured maybe Thanksgiving is a good time for this. My account's been around for like six years now and I used to be really active back in the day. I'm not exactly proud of who I was and what I did then, but this site and the friends I've made in it during those years have helped me grow and mature to what I am now. So to everyone I was friends with and you're still around to see this thread, thank you for being there for me and helping me grow, even if we didn't talk as much.
    And to anybody I'm not familiar with, I'm glad you're here, and I hope that this site (or rather, the friends you make here) helps you grow as a person as well. A lot of good things happened here for a lot of people, not just me. I've met some lifelong internet friends that I still talk to on a daily basis even though we've had some bumps in the road. I've met some other good friends that I don't talk to as much but are still pretty important to me, and there's people that I sadly can't talk to anymore, but regardless I hope they're doing well.
    Some people from this site have met up in real life, got married, and had a kid. I won't drop their names because I don't know if they'd want that, but if you're a veteran you probably have a good idea who I'm talking about. I've heard other stories too about people from this site who've met up in real life or committed to long distance relationships as well. KH13 isn't exactly meetme or tinder, but that hasn't stopped a lot of people from making good friends and worthwhile relationships.
    Other than people, a lot of things that happened on this site have stuck with me as well, like that time I wrote a zany story about all the members meeting up and doing crazy things (twice, actually, the link to which I'd embed here with the other one but I can't find that one) and had a good buddy help me with it. I've also taken part in some drama and shitstorms here and there, but I can't remember these as well, and I've seen some stuff go down too. I don't know if crazy drama and shitflinging happens these days, but it's certainly fun to take part in or witness them (as long as nobody's getting hurt or bullied, of course).
    I remember having some tinychat sessions with other members where we'd voice and video chat (and everybody thinking I was some really buff cool guy because of my voice but I'm really just a scrawny nerd) and we'd all pretend to be Jim's dad or Jim's mom, or have karaoke sessions, or play some weird flash games like boardgame online, and it's a shame that those things don't happen anymore because they were some of my favorite times on KH13. KH13 used to have some awards ceremonies too, and I think at one point I won like two or three awards. (Best Troll, best writer, and best overall funny man probably, I don't remember.)
    To wrap it up before I keep rambling about all my memories, this isn't a goodbye thread or one of the infamous "I'm leaving the site" threads (spoiler alert: they never actually left), this is just to let you guys know that you're all really cool for being here and I hope this site impacts you like it did me, if it hasn't already. ( I'll still be popping on here and there to see what's up.) For a lot of people, this isn't just a Kingdom Hearts news and forum site, it's where a lot of people met and found friends in each other. When you think about it, it's pretty fitting that this happens on a Kingdom Hearts fansite.
    Above it all though, I wanted to give a big thank you to the webmaster, DChiuch, for making this possible by creating KH13 way back when. If it weren't for this site, everything I mentioned would never have happened. Here's hoping that the Kingdom Hearts series keeps going after 3 and this site keeps going strong with it, and that our benevolent site master DChiuch stays safe in his mortal combat with the dangers of the Australian wastelands.
    tl;dr I love all of you guys, whether you're an old or new member, and I'm thankful for this site. A lot of this thread is just my awkward rambling but I've gone on typing for too long to delete it and I feel it needs to be said anyway. Have a good Thanksgiving and holidays, guys.
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    Zola reacted to Shera Wizard in Hello again   
    Oh boy, how long has it been?
    I'm not really sure when I last logged in on here and posted, but hey, guess I'm back for a while. I think I was what? 14? When I left. 
    I'll try to not be too dramatic, but who am I kidding, I've missed so many of you guys on here! SLH (now weedanort I think), Zola, Xylek, Sig (just to name a few).
    For those who knew me, hello again! I definitely connected with most of you again on Facebook (Snow, RoxSox, Lt. Random) but some I eventually had to remove because of several reasons and some I eventually lost contacts with. But those who I haven't talked to, I hope you guys been well man. 
    I'm aware the site has fairly new members now so it's appropriate that I re-introduce myself uwu
    Hello and hello again. I'm Shera, le wizard of KH13. I was around 12-13 and in probably HS or sth when I first joined KH13 back in 2012. Quick maths, I'm 18 now, in Uni. I've definitely played and replayed KH games over the years I was away. KH2 is now my favourite but 358/2 days still holds a special place in my heart. Right now, I'm doing an undergraduate's degree in French (je suis tres tres mal en francais) and Intercultural Studies in India. It's actually amazing for me because I got in through the help and support I got from Snow and RoxSox. My life's seen many rough ups and downs but hey, we live anyway. I love video games in general, reading, wasting my life away and sleeping at unnecessary times of the day. I also have an unhealthy obsession with memes and shitposts.
    Just a bit of extra sentiments, I made some amazing friends here, some of who are incredibly close and important to me and whom I still speak with to this day. Some of you on here have even seen in me in incredibly bad situations and even when I was depressed. Besides that, ya'll were such an amazing bunch. I loved talking to all of you on here and ofcourse, there was a point where I came home looking forward to KH13. It's cringey sometimes, but hey, good times man.
    I still remember Zola, Keysofblades, Kirby and I making a friendship pact (makes me happy that Zola is still here ;_, going on random tangents with SLH, I met someone who is like a brother to me here, Ryan, all the tinychat sessions with Snow, Coolwings, Xaon and all. I'm not sure what happened to most of you but I really hope you've been good. You guys made me incredibly happy and made me feel loved. Ofcourse, I can't really not mention the shitton of drama that happened on here every other day.
    I think I owe an explanation to all of these people who I never told before I upped and left. I'm sorry, I'm terribly sorry. I think just somewhere along the line, maybe I felt like whatever was going on here was too toxic, or maybe I just got busy and couldn't handle most of the stress I was in at that time. I might not have really told anyone I was leaving, or may be I did idk man, but you guys at least owed some explanation. To those who I added on my FB and had to take off after a while, it was due to my over-controlling ex. I'd love to add you guys back again by any chance.
    It makes me so firetrucking happy to see KH13 grow so much. The forums, the news ad the site overall, it's so fulfilling to see KH13 prosper. 
    So am I here to stay? Maybe, hopefully. But I sure as firetruck wanna reconnect with a lot of y'all again. 

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    Zola reacted to VisitJoan in What important word do you think has been said the most in Kingdom Hearts?   
    I’m voting for memorized. Just because.
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    Zola reacted to VisitJoan in I'm Baaack!   
    Hey guys. I'm sorry I haven't been on lately. It started a couple of weeks ago when my parents made me come on a trip where there was no cell service and no wifi in the hotel room. Then it was Anime Midwest, and honestly I've been busy trying to start a YouTube career. I could never leave here - this place has a special place in my heart. I'm going to make an effort to come on here at least once a day. You guys are amazing, and I'll see you around.
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    Zola got a reaction from The Transcendent Key in What's Inside Sora's Shoes?   
    His shoes are big because they're full of secrets.
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    Zola reacted to Dustin Lübbers in What's Inside Sora's Shoes?   
    his mother bought them thinking that he will grow into them. Its a money saving thing
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    Zola reacted to Xiro in What's Inside Sora's Shoes?   
    ... Huh
    My bets were on meth, but I can accept this
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    Zola reacted to Xiro in Which Kingdom Hearts character would be a fun dad?   
    Goofy is obvious correct answer
    why isn't Yen Sid on the list .n.
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    Zola reacted to Mykaila Shakespeare in Which Kingdom Hearts character would be a fun dad?   
    Goofy has been best dad since the goofy movies (tell me otherwise). He happens to be the voice of reason, has a heart of gold, displayed no negativity, is actually smarter than he other two, and is the better party member (is a better healer in KH1 and has an OP limit command in KH2).
    If you want a fun dad though, definitely Master of Masters LOL
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    Zola reacted to The Transcendent Key in What happened to Zack?   
    No, I don't think that's the case, as it's established that, Kingdom Hearts wise, Sephiroth is Cloud's darkness, as he says it so himself! So by extension, Zack is his own person, apart from Cloud!
    What I'm guessing that happened is that Sephiroth killed him, because if you look at the credits in Birth By Sleep, they show a shot of Zack at the gate to Olympus Coliseum, and when a black feather falls, he disappears completely...which means Sephiroth offed him? Though the way it was presented seemed more symbolic than not, so I really don't know!
    This may be answered in Kingdom Hearts III, or maybe it'll be an eternal mystery!
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    Zola reacted to MythrilMagician in All I Want For Christmas Is...   
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    Zola reacted to Firaga in CRUMB-SPIRACY   
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    Zola got a reaction from Yuya Sakaki in post your haikus   
    You beat me, Ruby
    I also thought of Sokka
    And his haiku skills
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    Zola got a reaction from Yuya Sakaki in What Do You See When You Think Of The Person Above?   
    I still see Kairi. 
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    Zola reacted to Xiro in An Ultimate expression of Zelda art   
    *looks at thumbnail* This probably isn't that good
    *watches video*
    Okay that was good
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    Zola reacted to catmaster0116 in An Ultimate expression of Zelda art   
    Watch it all the way to the end.
    Gosh some people can be such amazing artists!
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    Zola reacted to BlankShell in If you could give a Keyblade to another Disney character, who would it be?   
    Donald, so he could finally become the serial killer we all know he was meant to be.
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    Zola reacted to PrinceNoctis in Which dfficulty will you choose?   
    I'll pick Standard, like I usually do, and then I'll do the other difficulties if I feel like it. I want to be able to finish the game fairly quickly so that I don't get spoilers off the internet, but I also want to have somewhat of a challenge so Standard does it for me. I'm not a pro at Kingdom Hearts anyway so it would take me forever to finish KH3 on Proud or Critical.
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    Zola reacted to Shard the Gentleman in Gaston's ultimate quest for...   
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    Zola got a reaction from Dagesh Lene in Who Would You Like To See As a Secret Boss in KH3?   
    Gilgamesh wants your keyblade
    It makes so much sense
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    Zola got a reaction from Xiro in Avoid the Moderators!   
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    Zola reacted to Sendou Aichi in So this voice glitch happened...   
    Donald! Donald! Donald!
    Man, it reminds me of the famous "Shawn!" glitch in Heavy Rain lmao
    Needless to say it is hilarious too
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