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    Zola got a reaction from Veemon for a gallery image, Passion for Fashion   
    Sora doesn't always see eye to eye with himselves.
    As you can see, I got a digital art pad.
    My life is complete.
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    Zola reacted to flametheskull for a gallery image, Christmas with the Destiny Trio   
    For the Kingdom Hearts fan art contest.(x)
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    Zola reacted to Roman Titov for a gallery image, Simple and Clean   
    Waiting for 2.5 HD REmix
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    Zola reacted to flametheskull for a gallery image, Kingdom Hearts 12th Anniversary   
    September 16th, 2002 Kingdom Hearts came out In the USA.
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    Zola reacted to Soravids for a gallery image, Cat Rodeo: The After Math   
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    Zola reacted to Joshua Brak for a gallery image, KH13 2.5 Art Contest Entry 2 - by Josh Brak   
    This is my second and likely final entry. kind of a style experiment and mostly just for fun. I've always loved Namine as a character and so I had to pay tribute to her with this. This was drawn mostly in Photoshop, but initially on paper. Enjoy, and good luck to all participants!
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    Zola reacted to FindYourWay for a gallery image, KH2.5contest   
    entry for the 2.5 giveaway contest!
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    Zola reacted to Sasha M. for a gallery image, Promises to Keep   
    Contest entry
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    Zola reacted to Scorrando for a gallery image, KH2.5 Competition entry   
    With all nighters, at last I have finished this. Wow. I am proud of myself for having ever put so much effort into a drawing. I put all my heart and sweat into this and there were heaps of both tearbreaking moments and tear of joys while working on this. but finally! i have finished.
    "Let's have a re-run of our past memorable moments"
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    Zola reacted to Soravids for a gallery image, Once again...   
    Sora in Limit Form duking it out with a hoard of heartless!
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    Zola reacted to Apple-chan for a gallery image, Aqua (Kingdom Hearts) Submission for KH13 Giveaway: Share your fan-art & win Kingom Hearts HD 2.5 ReMIX!   
    Well here's my submission for the KH13 Giveaway I drew Aqua with traditional media Hope you guys like it ^^ and sorry for the little bit paleness, my scanner has bleached the colors
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    Zola reacted to MiyaCrownKeyblader for a gallery image, Aqua Fan Art colored   
    My previous drawing in color took forever to color. 1hr 30 min to color and redaw somethings and maybe 10+ hrs to do the shadowing/highlighting/etc......
    But I feel better about it!
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    Zola reacted to unverzed for a gallery image, alternative 2.5 cover   
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    Zola reacted to Narjoa “Idk” Andre for a gallery image, Kingdom Hearts 2.5 (Art Contest)   
    Finally, after six long days of working on this, 2-3 hours a day, I finished.
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    Zola reacted to CharlieMemorial for a gallery image, Submission   
    This is my first ever attempt at fanart. I made this with permanent marker and crayons, and I had a lot of fun doing it. This for the 2.5 HD Re:Mix fanart competition thing. Good luck to everyone!
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    Zola reacted to Stardustblade358 for a gallery image, Embracing Dreams (Original Keyblade Design)   
    A keyblade inspired by "Final FantasyVII: Crisis Core".
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    Zola reacted to Drathermon Ling for a gallery image, Kingdom Hearts 2.5 Remix Fan Art Competition   
    This is the hardwork not only from me but my brother,Timothy Ling Jit Huong, as well.
    This is a fully hand-drawn art because we don't know how to photoshop.
    We did our best and we have fun.
    Thanks to every of my brother's suggestion for the pictures and the direction of this art.
    No regrets to the outcome for this competition.
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    Zola reacted to Joshua Brak for a gallery image, KH13 2.5 Art Contest Entry 1 - by Josh Brak   
    My first and main entry for the Kingdom Hearts 2.5 HD ReMix Fan Art Contest!
    My friend David helped me out with the concept.
    I finished this over the course of 3 days in Photoshop, attempting my make my drawings look as CGI as possible, studying the characters in-game models very closely. One of the hardest parts was actually the "2.5". I wanted it to read the same when rotated 180 degrees and it's a hard number to do that with, but I'm happy with the outcome and I really hope you all enjoy it!
    (Fun fact: for the streaming vertical code, it's hard to see, but there are lots of Kingdom Hearts quotes, phrases, names and even a reference to this contest!)
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    Zola reacted to StarCharm for a gallery image, KH 2.5 HD Fanart contest   
    Birth by Sleep is probably what I'm most looking forward to play in the 2.5 HD remix, I also can't wait to sing again with Ariel in Atlantica So just mixed those two things a bit
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    Zola reacted to habataku for a gallery image, KH13 Contest   
    I really did enjoy drawing their poses. Particularly Riku's. hehe.
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    Zola reacted to Marta Oliveira for a gallery image, Ventus KHBBS   
    I decided to draw ven x)
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    Zola reacted to eri2097561 for a gallery image, Dive to the Hearts   
    An oil pastel piece inspired by kh 2.5 he remix and Greg laswell!
    Off I go:
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    Zola reacted to Setrex for a gallery image, Birth by Sleep -cover art-   
    This is quite an old drawing of mine (drew it back in 2010!). I wanted to upload it here for the rest of ye to see and I hope you like it. I don't draw as frequently as I'd like to but I'll always like this drawing. I've also thought about digitally colouring it in at some point but I've never gotten around to it
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    Zola reacted to Lorena E Escalera for a gallery image, KH Sora 3   
    I worked hard
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    Zola reacted to JTD95 for a gallery image, Master Xehanort (No Heart Armor) (Smallerer)   
    A drawing of Master Xehanort in his armor.
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