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  1. It's actually accurate to call them spin-offs. However, we need to make clear of the definition of a "spin-off". A spin-off is a work that is derived from existing works, telling a story in a different aspect but in the same setting. A spin-off can then either choose to either deviate completely from the main storyline or to remain in it. In the case of the KH series, the spin-offs focus on characters other than the main protagonist Sora (except for Re:CoM and DDD), telling their sides of the story while at the same time, expand the plot of the Dark Seeker Saga (up to KHⅢ) without deviating from it. Re:CoM serves as the bridge between the first two mainline games while the others introduce the background of characters (and are also the bridges between KHⅡ and KHⅢ) and eventually, everything converges and culminates in KHⅢ. So calling them as spin-offs is not wrong. It's just that people have the misconception that "spin-offs" are supposed to have nothing to do with the main narrative and so the spin-offs of the KH series are supposed to be unimportant. Then, they complain that the spin-offs are too closely tied to the mainline games. It just doesn't make sense.
  2. I'm thinking of getting Supernova - Sephiroth since I lack strong Power medals. Plus, I have like 6 Trait medals waiting to be used and it's very easy to evolve Tier 8 SN medals to SN+. Too bad it's not a Falling Price Deal and it would cost 15,000 Jewels to get him guaranteed. Decisions, decisions, decisions.
  3. We're exactly 3 months behind now. The Japanese version is at 895 now while we're at 880. At the pace that it's going, we're actually catching up gradually. Back in April, we were around 4 months behind. Though I don't think the updates'll be simultaneous at any point in the future. Anyway, the music for Game Central Station (and its connected games) are indeed pretty good!
  4. Yup! As long as something not explicitly elaborated upon in the games/titles, there can be multiple interpretations. I believe even the details exclusive to Nomura's interviews are not 100% set in stone. I'm curious on the what the OP's theories are.
  5. I tried watching the Japanese cutscene to see if I can find anything there, but it's generally the same but with some important details. You can watch it here if you want to. From what I can see, Xigbar (Luxu) is taken aback by how powerful Sora's ties with his friends are, where both Sora and Xigbar's (and Xemnas too, I suppose) hearts react so much that Xigbar is able to see Sora's friends momentarily. Xigbar is saying that Sora himself is nothing and that his only power comes from his friends, and not a true Keyblade wielder. Sora retorts by saying that his connection with the Keyblade's chosen ones makes him strong. In the Japanese version, the mention of the "Keyblade's power" is more explicit. I guess Xigbar is surprised that the power of the Keyblade can empower friendship, and has never seen it before in his entire lifetime given how the Keyblade War occurred. Another possibility is that his reaction is a facade. He's trying to push Sora to exhaust himself into a deep sleep. That's what I think.
  6. It's true that quite a few things were revealed in the trailers. But I've seen some spoilers (both gameplay and plot) and some of them without context, there are indeed a lot more surprises.
  7. That is actually not Kotaku's review. They are still in the process of writing it. The reviewer would be Tim Rogers, and ironically, he got assigned to do it after he made this video: https://kotaku.com/kingdom-hearts-iii-is-an-unreviewable-video-game-1831985374 It's a very fun video.
  8. We would need to look at a proper translation of the interview. There seems to be a lost of context in the tweet and that it's not clear enough. Changing the release date is not as easy as a flick of a finger, especially when the worldwide release is just days away. What about the midnight launch events throughout the entire world? The shipments? The Square Enix company themselves? This is affecting every single store and company associated with the release of the game. All of the plans and schedules would need to be changed. I'm sorry to say this, but it's physically impossible to change release date now. 0% chance.
  9. You have no idea how serious it is. There's even a case I heard regarding manga. Some manga are released within magazines weekly or monthly so they're only released officially in physical format to Japanese. Manga translators typically have someone or some people to get the raw material illegally for them to translate. And this happens before the magazine is released officially and so translated manga are revealed to public before the Japanese are even able to buy the magazines and read them. And so, there are some uninformed manga readers who have no idea how this thing works and how they're actually reading illegally obtained material, make tweets regarding what they've read on Twitter normally to the author themselves, therefore alarming the author and the Japanese of this illegal work which is extremely disrespectful to all the Japanese. So there's a case I've heard where a person who obtained the raw material got caught and jailed. What do you think of a person stealing products of a video game and selling them in advance of the official release date just for their own profit, then? It's much worse, isn't it?
  10. Good points. The Opening Movie Trailer has already shown how Xehanort influenced the events of the games with the chess pieces so it might be the Dark Seeker Saga. This also brings up another question. We actually don't know the rules of the chess game. We were just assuming that it functions like standard chess. It's a weird chess game with apparently 14 pieces on one side and 9(?)(I counted at least 9) pieces on the other side. Perhaps by capturing a piece under a certain condition, one can make that piece their own. Who knows? Oh, yeah. I didn't notice that. It does bear some striking resemblance. So would Terra-Xehanort be the one to almost defeat Sora after Sora is cornered? 🤔 I'm quite confident that the cubes represent Bug Blox and hence, Data-Riku. Unless Data-Riku is actually the second last one which is the Maleficent-looking one? The hourglass is tearing me apart, since both Young Xehanort and Luxord are associated with time. But now that you reminded me that the keychain for Young Xehanort's Keyblade is an hourglass, I think Young Xehanort suits better then. And Luxord doesn't seem to be very closely associated with time other than during his battle in KH2. Time for him is more like the time in gambling, not in general. But I still don't think the cubes are dice. I did notice that but I would say that it's the lighting, and also weirdly how Xion has silver hair here for some reason. To symbolise that she's already turned (by Xemnas somehow?) prior to meeting Roxas for the last time? I did mention previously that the third last symbol has some similarities with Saïx's weapon the Lunatic. But some people have also been saying that Vexen's shield the Frozen Pride also has similarities. Some have been saying it to be Aqua's Rainfell, but I don't buy that and it's too far-fetched. Aqua also shouldn't be associated with the Rainfell anymore but the Stormfall. Anyway, I'm curious how both Saïx and Vexen's weapons have a similar trait. Just a coincidence? If not, what does this mean for the original Organization XIII?
  11. At first, I was suspecting that there might be some retcon on the chess pieces regarding the number being 14. But all of them appeared in the Opening Movie Trailer except for the one you guessed that represents Terra which didn't appear explicitly. But that piece is very important since it's the one used to "checkmate" Eraqus in the TGS 2018 Trailer. So there are indeed 14 of them. The question is why. Even in the Winnie the Pooh Trailer, there are only 12 hooded figures appearing together with Xehanort. There is also no reason to have 14 since Xehanort needs exactly 13 darknesses and 7 lights, unless they need backup. Though I want to point out something regarding the "Terra" piece (or Terra-Xehanort). It has also appeared in the light side of the chess as the exact same symbol. A possible conversion? Hence, the backup? It's also the one used to "checkmate" as I mentioned earlier. I largely agree with you on the representations of the chess pieces. But first, I need to point out something I just noticed. The third last symbol seems to be very similar to Saïx's weapon the Lunatic, but inverted. But I still think Saïx is the one you guessed. Other than that, I think I disagree on Luxord, and so it may cause some problem with Young Xehanort as well. I'm also starting to get skeptical on Terra since the symbol doesn't represent Terra in any way. But the possible conversion makes my head ache. Anyway, for Luxord, dice don't quite represent Luxord for me. His attribute is time and his weapon is the deck of cards called the Fair Game, not dice. There's no chess piece that represents cards so it would be time which means Luxord would be taking Young Xehanort's place. Now here's another problem: Young Xehanort is mostly associated with time. Since the clock is presumably taken by Luxord, I'll put him as the second last chest piece which has some similarity with the goat symbol as Master Xehanort. Why? His Keyblade also has a goat, and he's literally Xehanort. And yes, I'm very certain Maleficent is not one of them, mainly because it would defeat the purpose of her own plans and her villainy role in the KH series. I don't think Vexen and Demyx are as well. Ienzo, Aeleus, Even, Dilan and Lea awakened in the same computer room which is proof that they're not part of the real Organization XIII. Isa and Braig were there too but disappeared with Young Xehanort, so they're seekers of darkness. And since "Demyx" seems to be working together with Even and possibly Ienzo as well, I assume he's not. Data-Riku is heavily implied so I would put him in Luxord's previous piece which would represent Bug Blox (which have already appeared in the TGS 2018 Trailers). Another person I'm suspecting is Xion. There are two feminine hooded figures in the Winnie the Pooh Trailer with one of them being small-sized. Since Larxene is one of them, so the other one would be a small-sized female. Naminé or Xion? Xion seems much more likely to me. But I don't know which chess piece suits her. So 2 chess pieces + Terra-Xehanort remain unknown for me.
  12. I'm in Malaysia and some of us have some questions on the regions of KH III and how DLC codes for the Starlight Keyblade work for them. So I would need some clarification. In the PS Store, the game in either the US store or in the Malaysian store seems to have the exact same region code or product ID which is "CUSA12031_00". Does this mean that the product code for the Starlight Keyblade would work on both of these products? KH III (Malaysian store): https://store.playstation.com/en-my/product/UP0082-CUSA12031_00-ASIAFULLGAME0000 KH III (US store): https://store.playstation.com/en-US/home/product/UP0082-CUSA12031_00-KINGDOMHEARTSX30 The All-In-One Package in the Malaysian PS Store also seems to have the same ID. All-In-One Package (Malaysian store): https://store.playstation.com/en-my/product/UP0082-CUSA12031_00-ASIAIM0000000000 The following image has the game in the Malaysian store (top) and the US store (bottom).
  13. First, we have to understand that darkness is not necessarily evil in the lore of Kingdom Hearts. Mickey learned that based on Riku. I don't believe that Vanitas is only restricted to negativity. I presume that Vanitas himself believed it that way and so got dragged into his cycle of negativity regarding the Unversed. This is based on the canon KHBbS novels. Xehanort sort of misguided him. And believe it or not, he's connected to Sora in some way. His face is the obvious evidence.
  14. In terms of writing and storytelling, we have to look at the effect and impact of a character's permanent death. Aerith's death in FFVII is a perfect example (fun fact: it's recommended by Nomura himself). Her death is emotional and brought a huge impact to the entire party especially Cloud in his motivation and guilt. Not only that. She's the last Cetra on the Planet and the theme of the game revolves around life itself. So the sudden and unexpected death of an important character when the theme is life gives players the necessary emptiness. The development team also made sure that only Aerith died so as to focus on the weight of death and not dilute it. As for whether Riku should die, we have to ask ourselves what and how the impact is like if he were to die.
  15. Ooh, brownies. With darkness as the filling, even. -20
  16. My name is of no importance. What about you? Do you remember your true name? Checkmate. Just like the legend. Darkness prevails, and light expires.
  17. That is true. There's the secret of the content of the box which only the Master and Luxu knew of. The Master's "you'll see" ("surprise" in the JP dub) is definitely towards Luxu. So what he's saying is that there's meant to be a surprising outcome on why having the content in the box. Luxu was indeed told to watch both with his own eyes and the Gazing Eye "as things unfold between the others", referring to the Keyblade wielders until the Keyblade War. That is shown in the first cutscene of KH0.2. Then, after that, his role continues which is to pass down the Keyblade. There're also χ[chi]-exclusive cutscenes where Luxu himself admitted to Ava that his role/mission was to watch. I'll link them below. Cutscenes: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UAJZ7nJANmA https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qhXT7Ju9QZ4 So from this, we can conclude that Luxu's role is basically what you said, to record events for the Book of Prophecies. Watching others up until the Keyblade War, and then pass down the Keyblade so that the Master would know the things that whatever the Gazing Eye observes, towards the far future. His job is literally to make the Book possible as well as to further the Master's own intentions and plans. So I would doubt that he was also tasked to deal with Maleficent, when the figure "Darkness" shows to possess near complete knowledge of the future while Luxu wasn't permitted that knowledge. If he were told to just watch the event related to Maleficent, then knowledge isn't actually necessary, right? That figure was literally exposing Maleficent!
  18. What you said about Luxu are just speculations. The fact is still Luxu not knowing anything about the future at all. The role he's given is to pass down the Keyblade, and that's all. The Master didn't even give any specific order on what to do with the box other than not to open it ever. So that means to hide it and to never let it be opened by anyone including himself. He only told Luxu what's in the box. Basically, what Luxu was supposed to do was to watch (with the Keyblade), and pass down the Keyblade. No Book of Prophecies and no other things. No order to deal with Maleficent or whatsoever. Note that the figure knows very specific details: Maleficent being from the future and her plans on coming to the past. Maleficent's scheme on changing the past and gathering the seven pure lights. Maleficent manipulating Riku. Riku piercing Maleficent with the Keyblade of heart. Maleficent's own thoughts after being pierced, and her plan to time travel. The interaction between Master Xehanort and Maleficent and what he specifically told her, including the method to move through time. Not constructing Enchanted Dominion from the Book of Prophecies just to foil her plan; have a fixed data version of it instead. Leaving out Kairi's world (either Radiant Garden or Destiny Islands) from data on purpose. Preventing Maleficent's memories of the future to transcend time back here to the past. Very specific details, right? This is my argument. Luxu was not allowed the Book and so was not supposed to know anything about the future. Hence, there's no point for the Master to tell him about all this. It's contradicting. Even if Luxu found out about this himself, there would be temporal paradoxes already regarding the Master's knowledge of the future as well as the Book, because the fact that the Book exists is due to Luxu following the Master's order to pass down the Keyblade without knowing anything. Regarding Lauriam, it's a possibility. Considering that we know little to nothing about Lauriam's background, we can't rule it out.
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