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Status Updates posted by StarStruck

  1. Me and my sis are going fishing tomorrow <3 wish me luck ;3;

  2. LockyChaaaan.... Get on your computer! I'm already bored.

  3. I need to get on more ;-;

    1. SoraBlade


      I also ink you do!

    2. StarStruck


      Yeah. Haven't been myself lately.

    3. SoraBlade


      That kraken sucks... :P

  4. SO MY OLDER SISTER JOINED YESTERDAY... And I order you all to go see her.

  5. I need to be on more...

  6. Wow. One full year on KH13. T3T I'm so happy

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    2. Anonn0000


      *finds him and tickles xD*

    3. princessnamine



      I hide because I'm shy when talking to some people :<

    4. Anonn0000


      *tickles the shy outta you*


      j/k its okay to be shy :) *hugs^^*

  7. Wow I haven't been here for a whiiiiiillle....

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    2. StarStruck


      I didn't think anyone would miss me o-o

    3. Sikota Urinakano

      Sikota Urinakano

      Oh look. Another returning member. Name's Sikota. It's a pleasure to meet you.

    4. StarStruck


      Um... You too?

  8. I think I RP to much.. I had nightmares last night.

  9. i found a great RPG MMO online yay

  10. okay, im done drawing now. my back hurts... who knew drawing without a mouse could be so hard...

  11. after hours of finding a good drawing site, i have found one. VICTORY

  12. i finally got around to changing my sig to the one FireRubies1 made me :D

  13. i hit my head on a door today. then slid on a pen and fell on my back. UGH

  14. im. bored. very bored. RAWR

  15. KH13 i wish you would stop freezing

  16. it was my moms b-day yesterday.

  17. It's been a while. But I don't know if I want to stay...

  18. My sister is getting an account now.... I'm making her the profile to apologize for smacking her in the head... Though I already gave her my chocolate bar.

  19. It's my birthday!!!! I am now 11 :3

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    2. King Riku

      King Riku

      Happy Birthday~

    3. StarStruck
    4. King Riku

      King Riku

      You know, you spell and write really well for only 11. :D

  20. Star is cold, Star is very cold..

    1. SoraBlade


      The freezing cold, or the 'evil' cold?

    2. StarStruck
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