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  1. It's been awhile since I've been last on this site,how are you all doing?

    1. Oli


      Pretty busy lately, my body is begging me some rest. You?

    2. Xiro


      Doing okay. About to enter the final few weeks of the semester xDx

    3. Sandra_Nedelcheva1998


      Not much,Oli,stuck with school and I'm here instead of sleeping.I apologize for the delayed reply

  2. Chester watched the sunset,not realising that he wasn't floating anymore and that his body came back to normal.He looked at the new world,listening to Yuki's words as a genuine smile showed up on his lips."I'll join as well,if you want to,I'll try my best to find codes and connect the City to humanity,without losing ourselves."He was quite happy to know that he had found peace,bit he still wanted humanity to be helped,even though ,like he had said,he won't be a perfect commander. "So,um...wanna start constructing this world?"
  3. When the whole cluster happened,Chester ended up completely corrupted like many of the previous S4s.The realization that he wasn't human wasn't what he couldn't accept,it was a lack of meaningful existence that he couldn't bear.And so he perished before the fight could even fight.Right now,he was floating into the never-ending black oblivion,covered with different glitches all over his body.He listened to the others wishes,not knowing what he truly wanted.Given the choice he was given by the City,he thought about. His artificial memories flooded his mind.He remembers the pain of losing his parents,his suffering from PTSD and suicidal thoughts ,his loneliness,his anger toward the fact how cruel the world was.But he remembered the good times that he had.He remembered his first friends.He remembered how hard and stressful university was,but in the end,passing the exams was the biggest joy.He remembered the little things.The landscapes of his hometown in Oregon,the sleepness night lights in Tokyo.He reflected back on his real memories,the first time he woke up under that enormous chandelier back in the ballroom.He chuckled at the thought that was the time when his heart made out of zeros and ones started beating for the first time.And he was there to hear it.He was there,to experience it all-Nora,The City,The ride on the clouds,the galaxy,even the fights.In a way he was looking for a way to see how it's like to be in a human's shoes. "I...I don't know.Becoming part of you will is the biggest salvation that ever existed,right?But,that means that life will become meaningless.Think about it,to experience the good parts of life,you'll have to experience the bad parts at first,so you can know how it feels.Humanity will always try make flaws for itself so it has a meaning to exist.Life isn't fair,yes,but that's the point.Nothing is perfect .If I become a part of you I wouldn't be the perfect guardian.But If I stay here,my whole eternity would be oblivion .So I leave this up to you,my City.If you want to exist so badly,take me.If not,please give me the power to create a world,universe in this oblivion,so S4 and S3 that rejected you have where to live." Now,he waited anxiously in the silence.
  4. I can't keep up with everything that it's happening in this RP.Godammit school!
  5. My friend told me that I was in one of her dreams where I punched Justin Bieber in the face.My dream self is more badass than I'm in real life!

  6. Jesus firetruck,I missed a lot What's going on? I know that none of them are human and they now have to fight either Q or the Doctor
  7. This game opened me up like an otophsy,I feel competely destroyed.I have both the problems Davey and Sean have:I need validation so much even though I always don't take it to considuration or feel like it is unnessecerary.I need it so much yet I'm afraid of it.I also want to start a Youtube channel.I have a creative mind but I'm scared of the feedback and challenges and the people around and if anything serious like that happens, how will I be able to say that I'm a normal being,that doesn't think twice when saying anything,that pretty much hates communication and what else?In the end, it feels like I'm more about the positive validation and pleasure from positive feedback rather that pleasure from artistic expressing.This feels also a reason why I take school,knowlegde and grades seriously.Because they are the only things that made me feel valid,but even that faded away.I could go for days on end,but there's no point.I just wanted to emphy myself.I wish I wasn't so afraid from everything.
  8. Current mood:Internally screaming sad machine

  9. Firestorm The ringing in Chester's ears slowly stopped-Only for him to learn the ugly truth from Aezral.He was utterly confused and started questioning everything like the others as well.He felt sorry for Yuki.He looked at his sweaty shaky palms,wondering if it was only the Super Saiyan a S3 that didn't originated from the outside.Another question that bothered him was-If the City was a computer simulation,does that mean his powers directly connected to the City's primary code or was the programmer just affecting the surface of the City's data?Right now,he won't know. And once again,they were all pinned to the ground.This time,he managed not to hit his head as hard as before.He nodded at Maxwells statement,getting himself in position for attacking."Ill be right next to you if you need me."He told Nora
  10. Only one day left...and my summer break will be over :(

  11. Wait,I need explanation.Does everyone in the City are S3?Or just some individuals?Were people really pulled out of the real world and their minds plugged in the City or are they just legitely created just as original data?
  12. Firestorm Cloud In the whole cluster of events,Chester completely lost himself.First,a whole horde of dolls attacked,not leaving him much time to process what what was going on and giving him no other choice but to recklessly attack everything on sight.And not even 10 seconds later,gravity pinned him so hard to the ground,he hit his head in the process, leaving him even more disoriented than before.Fortunately,nobody was in danger anymore,but that coudn't stop the ringing in his ears which prevented other sounds coming in contact with his hearing. But once the whole team entered the room where Aezral was,just like Nora,his jaw dropped as well,his eyes widening.The next thing he knew,his rather large nose and dark brown hair were glued to the glass of the same window Tristan had rushed to.His eyes coudn't stop staring into the multicoloured clouds accompanied with the billion diamonds that were the stars,together decorating the dark empty oblivion void of space itself.Right now,he didn't cared about the whole situation around him,nor the fact that he's pretty much deaf after the fall.He wished he could stay forever in this trance.He once again,bitterly wished he could have a tellephone or a camera to take pictures.To more pain,he wished his parents were still alive so they can witness this beauty or at least get told about it.And then,there was complete silence in the programmer's mind. The whole euphoria was replaced with melancholy.It's been so long since Chester had learned how not to get overwhelmed with feelings,after his parents died in a car crash.He was taught to be a robot in his head so there wasn't anymore pain coming in.So,why was this happening now?He had no idea.His eyes once again fixed on the window."Why Am I even trying?"His lips mouthed these words.
  13. Hey there,I just came back from my vacation, and holy hell did I miss up on many stuff.I'll try posting tomorrow.Til then,can someone briefly explain what is going on right now?
  14. Flame Rain Yuki was right.Cloud riding was much better than walking.And Chester was enjoying it a bit too much.Not just that they were comfy,but the view from above and the fast speed they were going,left him breathless.wind blowing though his brown hair,he couldn't look away from what was below-the city in it's entireness,the white marble monster that speard with no borders,with the hints of colour coming from the parts where the trials were already completed.His ears completely ignore what the others were saying but at least he was glad Nora had joined them,even thought she might not have enjoyed it as much.He wished he could take picture but that's when he realised his phone was gone.He should have checked that earlier. Then there was the strangely-placed rocket.People assumed that this was the next Trial.This was going to his first proper trial and he didn't know what to expect.From what Nora had told him,like the knife room,he could only expect huge danger. "Too bad that's over" he mumbled as the cloud left him before the entrance of the rocket,looking at the cloud returning to the sky.He wished he could do that forever
  15. *Meanwhile Sandra is quetly laying on the floor,questioning the meaning of life*
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