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Status Updates posted by PrinceNoctis

  1. They could've left KH0.2 as a part of KH3 tbh, it would've been a fun intro section.

  2. Dang...why does Frozen 2 actually look good? I didn't really like the first one, but that was a good trailer.



    Isn't it ironic that KH3 and KH1 essentially have the same ending...Things really do come full circle.

  4. Just finished KHIII and I don't know how I feel. I think Nomura broke me.

  5. I thought Olympus would be my favorite world but the Carribean was just AMAZING.

  6. I am truly blown away by the quality of KH3, and I’m only 3 hours in. A truly stunning game.

    1. fox_fighter


      It does not slow down 20 hrs into it either

    2. PrinceNoctis


      Great! I can’t wait to experience the rest of it!

  7. Today is a momentous day! Happy KHIII Day everyone! :D 

  8. So...IGN gave KHIII a 8.7/10...could've just given it 9 lol. GameInformer reviewed it at 95! In comparision, they reviewed FFXV at 85 :) 

  9. Ugh. The wait is agonizing.

  10. Can y'all believe KHIII releases in a few hours? Like, people are about to actually buy that game.

  11. My mind is getting weaker and the leaks are getting stronger...KHIII needs to come out now.

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. PrinceNoctis


      Yeah, I don't want to ruin my experience right now. After all this waiting, it's not worth it...but gosh the last days are SO AGONIZING.

    3. Merilly


      I'm suffering with you... The last days are stretching on like chewing gum but eventually, we'll also be done with that. :)

      8 more days, a little more than a week. It's not worth it to ruin the experience for that for sure. Though we have to be careful with the leakers trying to compete against each other for a fleeting moment of attention and with more and more people getting the game early.

    4. teh lazy prince Xylek

      teh lazy prince Xylek

      *insert gif of gladiolus doing pull ups*

  12. I have a feeling that there won't be any FF characters in KHIII and that Square is going to make a Radiant Garden DLC to add FF characters and bosses to the game and maybe even data battles. I wouldn't be mad at that personally.

  13. I just realized that I'm actually terrible at Kingdom Hearts games lol

  14. I love how people are already talking about how disappointed they are in KHIII's gameplay when they haven't played it yet.

  15. Patiently waiting for the contest results! Good luck to everyone!

    1. ITzDarthLordRevan


      Thanks! Good luck you too, Noctis!

    2. PrinceNoctis
  16. Did we just get 3 trailers in less than a week? What timeline is this? LOL

  17. Goodbye for now KH13.

    1. ITzDarthLordRevan


      See ya, dude. Be careful out there.

    2. PrinceNoctis


      Lmao, I ended up checking out the leaks anyway so I'm back haha! Nothing too serious tbh. The only thing I was surprised about was shown in the new trailer so whatever...There weren't any big spoilers.

  18. There's an additional 6 seconds of "Face My Fears" on Utada's website and it sounds like the piano is about to go crazy on the second verse. Makes me wonder why Skrillex didn't use more "organic" instruments instead of electronic ones. The beat drop would've sounded so much better if the main instrument was replaced with strings and if the vocals weren't subdued.

  19. The full version of "Don't Think Twice" is now on Youtube, in case anyone wants to hear it: 


  20. Xehanort had silver eyes lol

  21. This was my last year watching the Game Awards. The announcements don't interest me and it's just not very entertaining overall.


  23. I'm suddenly excited out of nowhere because KH3 is coming in January!!!!!

  24. I'm so sad (and low-key angry) about all the XV news...They got my hopes up with Ep. Luna and Ep. Aranea and saying they were gonna fix the whole story just to crush my hopes again.

  25. Why are my old 2015 posts the first thing I see on my profile...they're embarassing.

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