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Thank you for allowing me use this lovely image that you drew @Elrandir of my roleplayed character, Yevgeni Malachite, as my avatar.  You did a fantastic job and I love it!

Hey there ladies and gentleman, friends, and stalkers. Welcome to my profile page. I realized just recently that I haven't updated my profile since I joined and thought, "Y'know, this is getting kind of old, and I really ought to do just that." It probably won't matter too heavily to those who haven't yet seen my profile before (because, I mean, what's the difference? : P), but those that have been looking at my profile for the past three years will probably be shocked and amazed! I know that I am. : P

I have been a Kingdom Hearts fan for about, gosh, maybe four years. For the longest time I thought the games were too cheesy and shrugged them off, until I was finally conned into playing one. Let me start by saying that Kingdom Hearts was an instant favorite for me the moment I started playing, and I quickly became addicted to the rest of the series. Re:coded had just come out when I first started playing the series, and Re:coded was my first KH game. While the gameplay isn't the greatest, it still is a favorite to me because it's the game that got me hooked on the series. Since then I have played every other installment and am eagerly looking forward to Kingdom Hearts III, probably like everyone else on this site!

There isn't really much to note about me, as I'm a rather dull, old, and uninteresting person. : P I love creativity, imagination, and, most especially, my dear spouse who means everything in the world to me. Some of my favorite pastimes are reading, writing, going for long walks in the beauty of nature, and just being silly with my favorite person in the world and enjoying life to the fullest. Of course, it's not always as easy as that, but, well, we all work on it, yeah? : )

I think that pretty much sums up everything. I always love to chat and meet new people, so feel free to PM or chat with me whenever you'd like. I don't bite hardly ever. : P

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