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  1. Sora has got to win some sort of reward for sheer stubborn recklessness.
  2. This sounds more like promotional posturing or whatever you call such a concept than anything else tbh…or something coming from these guys. (Or, god forbid, a V-cast-esque "story" in book form.)
  3. Disney outright owns all the original content, they just leave Square do the heavy lifting for the most part (as it should…Disney execs meddling tends to be a hindrance rather than a boon, eg. with Arendelle).
  4. Being reminded that Star Wars is, in fact, a Disney product now never fails to depress me.
  5. I'm getting the feeling that the MoM was the one who initially drove Xehanort to basically go off the deep end…which is, of course, what he wanted to happen in the first place. Also, that "world tour" joke is so very meta and you know Nomura was itching for a chance to do something like that.
  6. Now I'm wondering if those fights in the trailer are the KH3 equivalent of the Data Org., or if they're actually straight-up changing the main scenario (something that has never been done before in this series). Note that Xigbar and Dark Riku in the playable Riku section have similar max HP to their base game equivalents—I expect more than that from a theoretical post-game superboss fight. Also, it feels so weird to have Sora as support (base game Saïx jokes not withstanding).
  7. I don't think so...totally-not-Skuld is bait for the next saga.
  8. These aren’t even worth getting with NG+ Keyblade carryover lol
  9. Usually they save mechanical changes for the Final Mixes (or in this case, I assumed the paid DLC)...this is an interesting decision.
  10. Dark Riku (Riku Replica mid-CoM), Xion (start of Days), and Terranort were all pulled from the past. Ultimania section concering the new Org. Vexen said he created about 20 replicas (maybe give or take 1, the JP also says "approximately") - 12 are used in the first Scala fight, 6 are used for the time travellers, 2 were original Repliku and original Xion. He only had time to make one new body (the one for Roxas) in secret ("One was all he could manage for the time being.") before the battle went down. Also, he and Saix had to be very careful about their plan, else it would've been blown wide open and that would go down very badly not only for the conspirators (who probably would've been punished by Xemnas) but also Sora and co.
  11. That was apparently just Japanese trolls spreading fake info around, it doesn’t actually exist.
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