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  1. I finally got my first computer built last weekend, hooray :D! Just waiting on a friend to help me install an wi-fi adapter this upcoming weekend. I'm so happy that I can finally stop sharing my mom's computer and have my own private space, it's about time and very long overdue :).

  2. That's assuming they decide to keep the series going, though I don't see why they'd stop.
  3. inFamous 3 already exists though, it's called inFamous: Second Son.
  4. I ordered my 32 GB Wii U Deluxe last week and it finally arrived yesterday. If anyone wants to add me, my Nintendo Network ID is ToddlerNaruto :D.

  5. Today's my birthday, I'm officially 27 years old now, woo-hoo :)!

    1. Felixx


      Happy Birthday!

    2. Shimmy


      Happy Birthday! Hope it's a good one!

  6. I'm hoping both Frozen and Treasure Planet will be included in KH3 somehow, even if they're not both worlds. Same goes for Wreck-it Ralph, Toy Story, Monster Inc., and Brave.
  7. No offense, but calling it 2.9 makes no sense at all...I believe they'll just release KH3D Remaster as a standalone physical and digital release, with a KH3 secret video included.
  8. I haven't played Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance yet, but that's because I'm waiting for the HD Remaster to be released.
  9. Thanks for the amazing KH3 update . Now we just need Frozen, Toy Story, and Wreck-It Ralph worlds.Maybe also Monsters Inc., Cars, and Brave worlds.
  10. I'm really hoping for a DDD HD announcement myself...so I dont have to play the 3DS version for my first time.
  11. I'm playing Alice: Madness Returns (PS3) and watching Future Card BuddyFight! Hundred Episode 04 (English Dub).

  12. Oh so it does do what I want, hopefully it works for me! Yeah, I was confused by what you said earlier, that's all.
  13. You miusunderstand. I want the output file to have both audio and video. I just dont want to convert, I'd rather copy both the audio AND video into MP4 container.
  14. Does it have the ability to just copy the audio/video streams? I'm not interested in changing/converting the video or audio tracks.
  15. Hi, does anyone here know of a good remuxer with a user friendly interface, that can batch or queue alot of remuxes at once? If you do suggest a converter, please make sure it can copy the audio/video streams from MKVs and remux them into MP4s. My System Info: PC Model: HP 110-326 Desktop Motherboard: Hewlett Packard 2AFB (Ivy Bridge) OS: Windows 8.1 64-bit CPU: Intel Pentium G2100T @ 2.60 GHz Dual Core Video Card: Intel HD Graphics 2500 (1920x1080x32bpp 60Hz) Sound Card: Realtek High Definition Audio RAM (Memory): 4.0 GB Single Channel DDR3 @ 665 MHz HDD Space: 500 GB Western Digital Caviar (SATA III) Network Adapter: Realtek USB FE Family Controller @ 100.0 Mbps
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