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About Me


Sodom OWNS me...

Don't Ask.
Actually you can ask if you want to
My favorite KH characters are: Zexion, Ienzo, Axel, Aqua, Riku, Terra, Vanitas, Young Master Xehanort, Xaldin, and Chernabog. (Best disney villain ever but no one remembers him).

Why do I love Zexion/Ienzo so much, you ask? WELL I'LL TELL YOU...
1. EPIC HAIR. (Yeah, i like emo hair)
2. Makes me feel sad for Ienzo, after all his parents are dead, and is being raised by Even and Ansem the Wise.
3.Illusions are awesome, as i'd prefer to mind**** someone rather than beat 'em up.
4. Compared to the Organization's elements, Illusion is the best one. (looks at Marly's cherry blossoms of death)
5. Is the CLOAKED SCHEMER even though so many schemers were in the Organization. (Xemnas' scheme was to lie to everyone and turn them into Xehanorts, Saix schemed with Axel to get rid of those most loyal to Xemnas which are Vexen, Lexaeus, and Zexion so Saix and Axel can overthrow the Organization, Marluxia schemed with Larxene to use Sora and Namine as puppets and overthrow the organization, ZEXION schemed with Lexaeus and Vexen to use Riku to counter-scheme Marluxia's plan and have Marluxia and Larxene, the traitors, eliminated. *gasps*
6. Most loyal to Xemnas, as seen with how he teaches Roxas to do missions. Also, Ienzo is helpful to Ansem the Wise, as he convinces Ansem the Wise to build a secret lab underneath Radiant Garden. (Secret Asnem Report)
7. He's a smart*** to Vexen and Xigbar (Re: CoM and KH2FM) just like me! xD
8. Converted to a quiet, emo (Yes, Ienzo was emo because of his parents...but ZEXION wasn't emo...) child from BBS to an overexplaining smart-aleck in DDD. (I love it, im so similar to him now.)
9. He uses a Lexicon as a weapon....yet, my most wanted video game weapon, IS that Book of Retribution.
10. Doesn't hold a grudge towards Axel, considering Axel made "Repliku" suck the life of Zexion.
11. He's quiet, and i like peace/quiet A LOT. (I'm mexian, my family's loud)
12. Made his weapon and fighting tactics mysterious during the original CoM and KH2
13. The Mastermind of Reverse/Rebirth.....masterminds are awesome.
14. Made a good impersonation of Sora. (though, Sora doesn't talk about light and darkness speeches too often.)

My non-KH games I play (NO GTA AND NO FPS) are mainly: some Dragon Ball/Z/GT games, some Sonic the Hedgehog games, some Mario games, Bayonetta, some Resident Evil games, Luigi's Mansion (if that dosn't count as a Mario game), Most of the Final Fantasy series, the Super Smash Bros. series, the Tekken series, Marvel Vs. Capcom games, some Street Fighter games, Street Fighter X Tekken, some Legend of Zelda games, Dragon Age: Origins, The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim, the Devil May Cry series, the God of War series, some Godzilla games, some Star Wars games, World of Warcraft (NERD!!!), Diablo III (not playing currently because of many hackers), I just got League of Legends, the Dissidia: Final Fantasy series, some Soul Caliber games, some Pokemon games, and MUCH more I cannot think of now >_<

I am also LOVING Anime!!! (Suggest me good animes please :P) I have watched FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST, FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST: BROTHERHOOD, Dantalian no Shoka, Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z, Dragon Ball GT, Death Note, Soul Eater, Afro Samurai,

KH13 friends
Sodom: Metaphorical sister-- my best friend on here. Don't dare do anything to her.
Lee Loves KH Forever: You're really...weird. But that's a good thing. Have fun with Hibari ._.
SolarFlare12: I'm pretty sure you're a guy. Pretty sure.
Blacksun30: Probably the best artist on here I know of, and quite frankly I can have a very civilized conversation with you.
Sikota Urinakano: You can be very suspenseful with things, whether for important or otherwise. Also, you're a good writer. That's all. P.S. don't dare do anything to Sodom you'll regret
Ultimus Grid: I haven't gotten to know you TOO well...but you're really cool and we get along fine!
DChiuch: the Creator. Need a kitchen?

RP Characters:

Name: Joshua Akira
Gender: Male
Age: 11
Personality: An orphan who's lost his parents a long time ago. Now, he is much of a smart-*** and is quick to give a remark. Despite his age, he is EXTREMELY intellectual, as he gave up his childhood fun to study general school studies, magic, and sciences such as alchemy, biology, sociology, and psychology. Which is all why people shouldn't mistake him for an average child. Because of his superior knowledge and information, he can answer many questions, especially dealing with magic or science. Despite all his knowledge, he has quite a few irrational fears: arachnophobia, aerophobia, etc. He DESPISES when people call him too young or short for something. Joshua actually refuses to answer anyone who previously teased him, before an apology arises. He hates it MUCH more, if anyone even mentions his parents in front of him. Secretly, what he longs for is someone to call...a mother. Or, maybe...someone to love. If he can first figure out what it is first.
Bio: Still just a child. A sweet, innocent, non-deserving child. Even younger, he was raised great. A bit spoiled, perhaps, but he always had a great family. Caring parents and an unconditionally loving family. As for friends, he had a few, yes, but not very many. While the other children always ran amok aimlessly, Joshua always had his sense of direction and never rushed. They were usually obnoxious and loud, but Joshua was quiet, refined, and tidy. Because of this, Joshua always stayed indoors, away from the messes and disasters caused by everyone else, going outside when he had to-- to school and such. Even there, he would spend his recesses and lunchtimes in the library, which had a practical delinquent barrier. At home, he'd be locked up in a room, usually his, reading, studying, writing, and such. To his parents, he showed equal love and admiration. To the rest of his family, well...he never really knew them that well. They loved him and he loved them, as so it seemed at the time. When his house was burned down with his parents inside, Joshua walked home from school, unusually, to find a pile of ash and sulfur when he got there. His home burned down and his parents dead, Joshua finally broke down. Hating so many people and things about the world, but never to admit it, and keeping the grudge throughout his life. The money was burned down as well, and Joshua's family claimed what money his parents had, leaving Joshua with no money, none enough to even have a funeral for them. The grave-keepers were kind enough to bury them in the memorial though, with tombstones too, lying beside each other. His family never came for him, and so he did have regrets about not getting to know his own family as much as he should've. Joshua soon went on to live alone, with a grudge, and a longing. Just alone.

Name: Isaac Ghiral
Gender: Male
Age: 37
Weapon: Skinning and dissecting knives, as well as a blade transfused with his spine. Can also fight expertly fist-to-fist
Appearance: images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQuJKlOTAIge1hZOUL3WqL
Personality: A mad scientist obsessed with experimentation and dissection. He is cruel and psychotic, yet sometimes cunning and collective. To his more feminine subjects, however, he can.be very perverted and edges disturbingly close to them before beginning dissection near their valuable "treasures" of the body. Insanity and madness in a scientific way...
Bio: Bullied in his earlier childhood, Isaac grew through to his middle school where he became the real bully. His father being a neglectful and constantly working biologist/kinesiologist, and his mother a psychologist/sociologist, Isaac naturally developed being in the sciences. At the age of thirteen, he decided to conduct an experiment. One involving life, as well as his mentality and sense of mind. He took his pet cat down to his father's lab, and killed it. Instantly. He then hid the carcass, burying it behind a schoolyard. He became addicted, like a drug. He killed a bird. Then a dog. The next day, after dinner, his father left for his night-shift. When he came back, he came to see Isaac, cradling himself constantly with a laughter, wearing a lab coat bloodied with the redness of his mother. Next was his father. Both of them gone, Isaac decided to go further along. He dissected them, peeling off their skin and testing the durability of their bones, and what places in the body caused the most bloodshed. He became addicted again, just as much as obsessive compulsive disorder. Burying them, he grew older, avoiding authorities even when being a "Jack the Ripper" to the society. The police even feared him, seeing what he had left behind of the innocents. His entire family was found dead one day too, all at once, each hung from the balcony of his old home. All around it, around fifty bodies hung there for the whole town to come and see. When he took his father's old laboratory, he took so many animals in to create chimeras, manticores, and such abnormal atrocities and abominations. Isaac is now seen with stitches and scars all throughout his body, even across his eye. "This entire world...is all but one experiment to me. Everyone. Everything. ...That includes myself, however."
Theme A:

Theme B:

Name: Alexander Davis
Gender: Male
Age: 15
Personality: Generally calm and laid-back, yet always sarcastic and sometimes even witty. Despite him not being a huge fan of violence, he WILL use it in any necessary situation. However, he is extremely prone to becoming suddenly psychotic and sociopathic, becoming a completely different person. To girls, he is surprisingly somewhat shy and modest with them, sometimes even trying to ignore them unless they actually talk to him. He'll usually be kinder, honest, yet hesitant in those situations. He sometimes has a bit of sadness when near them, too.....
Bio: Alexander was born and raised as any normal child. For the first five years, at least. Following that youth, Alexander was disowned by both his parents and abandoned, right in front of him. Alexander lived in an orphanage after that, until he turned ten and boldly decided to live on his own. Some people would feed him, or give him money, but most would ignore him entirely. The day following his eleventh birthday, Alexander walked through the streets looking for a place to stay for the night. Before crossing a road, a man grabbed him by the mouth, pulling him away as he squirmed and fought futilely. The man brought him to the corner of an alley with some others, who brutally tortured and beat him— almost fatally. All just for being at the wrong place during the wrong time. With that, he lost it. They had left a knife stuck in the ground after etching a gang symbol and Alexander took it. He was eleven. He was eleven when he was beaten. He was eleven, when he finally lost it. And became mad. In a fit of rage, he sought his revenge, but decided not to kill any of his enemies. No, he just stabbed them each. Each and everyone, stabbed in a non-fatal area. Arms, legs, as long as they didn't die. At this time, Alexander went back to school. His psychopathic stage ended, but was back in a different manner. His sociopathy and psychopathy turns on and off— in the same manner as bipolar disorder. He hides it though, as best as he can. Doesn't warn others until it happens. They don't need to know before. Then there would be no one left for him. If there were any, at all. At the age of thirteen, Alexander had been going to a Junior High, as normal. He had met a girl. Or, rather, he had met her quite a while back. A year before. But now they talked more, became true friends. They talked together all the time, sat beside each other as often as they could, and Alexander even visited her at her home. When they sat together in the girl's backyard, against a tree, just talking, Alexander finally said to her: "...I love you." He had surely hesitated, felt a vibe of rejection. But instead, it was life that rejected it from all happening. In almost an instant, chaos ensued. Yelling and screaming was heard as sirens blew through the neighborhood. Alexander's ears ringed and could hear no response, before looking down before leaving quickly to see death in front of his eyes. The girl, shot, falling as her heart stopped beating. Crying and sobbing more than ever, the shooters were arrested before revenge could be taken. But still...that will haunt Alexander forever. No other memory could outdo that.

Name: Dante Enoch
Gender: Male
Age: ???
Appearance (With blue/red eyes and black/white wings sometimes): tumblr_lzgv3lNCNC1r848ibo1_500.jpg
Personality: Calm, collected, and refined as always, Dante speaks in a formal and divine tone, speaking usually in high-tier vocabulary. Whether complimenting, insulting, conversating, or arguing, Dante's voice is always a wonder to listen to. No matter the situation, he remains calm, possibly formulating a plan in the midst of things. Despite his pure power and ability, Dante relies not on force, but on intellect and cunning. His plans are generally masterpieces and impervious to others' meddling. At least, in the obvious ways of meddling most people would guess and assume in stopping Dante. When in need of dirty work, he relies on his younger brother Vergil, who heeds his every word. Without blurting his methods or intentions, Dante does, however, occasionally monologue about his reasons and so-far-accomplished goals. During these moments, he tends to antagonize others, whether with a sense of humor or an actual threat. With children, Dante is often softer, but will not succumb to their innocence and will torture them as well if needed. Overall, Dante is collected and cunning, manipulative and powerful.
Bio: In his human life, Dante was of the most formal and polite people in current existence. He ascended to the heavens now as an angel, Dante served as a messenger— and a loyal angel for divine justice. He became of the Creator's most trusted. Soon pledged to protect the Apple of Enlightenment, Dante ended up taking three. One full-grown Apple of Enlightenment from its tree, and two half-grown ones. He ate the full apple himself, giving the ungrown's to his brother Vergil, and a new human— a pawn. He was just a boy, and had nothing to eat. After all, Dante needed him to grow up a bit. Burning down his home and parents was the first step. When the Creator found out about this treachery, Dante was sentenced to be transformed and sent to Hell. During his angel to demon metamorphosis, Dante escaped onto Earth as a half-angel and half-demon. With his new powers of Creation and Destruction, Dante infused them into Vergil so that he too, could carry out his plans. Vergil agreed. Dante now controls many angels and demons at his own will.
Theme A: 

Theme B:

Theme C:

Name: Vergil Enoch
Gender: Male
Age: ???
Appearance: Pale skin, red/blue eyes, and black/white wings just like Dante. His hair is white as well, however, unlike Dante's firmly combed back hair, Vergil's is messier and shaggier. Vergil wears clothing more suitable to fight in. Wearing a black suit with black pants, he wears a blood-red overcoat.
Personality: Dante's younger brother. Vergil seems to be quite one-dimensional and emotionless, yet always being at his brother's side and command. He is immensely cruel with his scythe, and though he tals rarely, has a much deeper, raspier, and darker tone of voice.
Bio: Always following Dante's footsteps, Dante had eventually died off to Heaven with Vergil. Both were angels, soon to become something more.

Name: Yumiko Mori
Gender: Female
Age: 14
Appearance: Hinata_Nakano.jpg
Personality: Very cheery, similar to a stereotypical schoolgirl. She is almost always smiling, wanting others to as well. Being from Japan, she sometimes tends to blurt something in Japanese, but understands and speaks English like an average American. She is especially nice to Joshua, sharing a brotherly-sisterly relationship with him. She has saved him from a Lamia once, even. Carrying him when he's hurt, and talking to him when he's depressed, both may have developed feelings for each other, but that is uncertain. She likes to see Joshua smile and laugh as he always does when she's there.
Bio: When in Japan, Yumiko was raised in a moderately wealthy family. She always read her manga, seemingly never running out. Mostly shojo manga stuff, but there was some shonen action manga she had as well. Needing to learn how to fight, she took archery classes, becoming an excellent archer an pinpointer, having a bow and quiver for herself. She traveled to Europe when things got intense over there, where she found Joshua.

Name: Lira Livius
Gender: Female
Age: ???
Appearance: lyra.jpg
Personality: Emotionally cruel and obsessive, Lira constantly want to, and does torture people emotionally. By altering her appearance in any way, shape, or form, and being able to read through the memories of a person, Lira takes the form of anyone whom may be able to haunt someone in their own guilt and grief. She can be sarcastic with her victims and will always be willing to harm anyone, but most especially on the inside.
Bio: Raised a spoiled brat of a child, Lira obsessed easily over anything she didn't or couldn't have. Throwing tantrums all about, Lira was always punished in her place and sometimes even neglected. She grew older to be somewhat lonely, and always cold and heartless. When her abilities were found, she became a legend. Famous. Or rather, infamous. Torturing people constantly, some men dying at the hands of their own "wives", and other people dying from their own friends or loved ones. Lira is a legend of emotional terror.
Theme A:

Theme B:

Theme C:

Theme D:

Theme E:

Name: Abel Vigier
Gender: Male
Age: 16
Personality: If he doesn't have his older brother Cain around, Abel is rather silent most of the time. Either way, he'll usually be rather kind yet still a bit lazy. He can be quite polite and will often take the short end of the stick. When in battle, Abel is extremely graceful, flexible, and acrobatic. Running and jumping all across the battlefield rather swiftly, Abel attacks somewhat feebly but very swiftly and accurately.
Bio: Since a little child, Abel's always looked up to his older brother Cain. While they may fight from time to time, its not that often and they are always sparring against each other to let anything out anyways. Born without a father, Cain and Abel protected their mother from anyone and everyone, protecting each other as well. As disease and sickness spread, it went to their mother, leaving Cain and Abel by themselves. They were old enough, however, and they trained to fight with lance and spear, prepared for anything to come their way.

Name: Cain Vigier
Gender: Male
Age: 19

Personality: The cool but silent type. Dressed in dark-purple and black mostly, his persona opposes that of Abel's just as much as his clothing. Despite always looking out for his younger brother Abel, Cain is quiet and a "If you need something, do it yourself" kind of person. Still, behind his serious eyes lies a bit of emotion, especially when it comes to Abel's sense of life.
Bio: Raised alongside Abel all his life, Cain was without a father and needing to protect both his mother and brother. Happier at this time, Cain showed more emotion throughout his daily occurrences, only to see life's cruelties when his mother passed. Training Abel to fight, anyone who interferes with his younger brother will see their light of day.

Name: Fayette Belaire
Gender: Female
Age: 27
Personality: Cold yet collected, but still very loud as she tends to yell, quite a lot. Bossy to any workers, yet still independent by all means, willing to fight on her own, plan on her own, and travel wherever she pleases-- as she is the captain of her own ship.
Bio: Her past is rarely told to anyone, and the fact of her tragedy is that it is hidden behind her bossy persona and imminent threats. Fayette was born and raised in France, living there with her abusive father and neglective mother. When talking back to her father after finally getting sick of him, and even cursing him off, both him and her mother immediately grabbed her by the hair, pulling and dragging the twelve year old Fayette outside the house and throughout the city. The entire way she was dragged and trudged across the ground, and hit with a belt whenever she struggled. They bought tickets at a train station, only to leave Fayette in the train station, on board with strangers to the North of Russia. The barren lands of Russia, with little population and deadly wildlife. Having the harshest of weather. The train wouldn't just go back, and she had no money to buy a ticket back, nor would a train go there for quite a while. Fayette lived through the harsh winter in Russia. Despite being only twelve, she was a great survivalist. Killing bears and lynxes to live off their meat and fur, Fayette eventually made herself down south. Traveling day and night, resting for short periods only. She eventually found herself all the way down from Russia, to the border by Ukraine. She traveled and traveled, her territories becoming less and less harsh. But still, all by foot. She was determined to become as tough as she could. If such a feeble, hapless act resulted in such a consequence, Fayette knew life would be a rough road. She soon traveled westward from Ukraine. To Poland, past Germany, and finally reaching France. She had to get to the west coast of it, however. It wasn't hard for her. Many times in her time did she come across opportunities to go by train or anything to make it all easier, but she refused and declined them all. Now eighteen, Fayette reached her home back in France, neglecting the fact that her parents had both now died of disease. Life was easy afterwards. At least in comparison.

Name: John Garin
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Appearance: Blue_Spirit.png
Personality: Having been fun and cheerful not so long before, John is now deadly, vengeful, and emotionless. Breathing through the machine he wears behind his mask, and having a few of his limbs mechanical, John is much more direct than sneaky. Yet still he is deadly, ready to kill, or make others lose the same limbs he lost. John is often silent in words but cannot hide his heavy and constant breathing and echoing, just seemingly staring with his mask.
Bio: Having been raised normally, John's one-dimensionality towards vengeance relates only to recent occurrences. When nearing the enemy, Dante, John was said to be a mere unnecessary addition to the group. Dante demonstrated it too, by sending John out the window in an instant, falling down the incredibly lengthy building. With Dante stopping Joshua from saving him, and Vergil conflicting against Cain who also attempted a rescue, John fell to his doom. When Joshua eventually broke free from Dante for a few seconds, Joshua increased John's air resistance, which still did not stop the deadly fall. John's limbs were broken, but the air had protected him from enough force to stop his heart completely. John's brain suffered damage  as well, becoming obsessive of one point and amnesiac in the others. He was now determined to take the life of the people who had caused this, and the friends who had never come back to find him.

Name: Celandine Arum
Age: 30
Gender: Female
Personality: Extremely depressed and pessimistic: even on medications for it. She is a good person in general, but absolutely DESPISES many things. For example: flowers, her name, other people's happiness, and of course: other people. She is always alone, with the exception of occasional animals she'd be with. Generally cats and dogs. She has a good nature, but it is ultimately quite easy to cause her to snap. She'll curse someone off if needed, and if enough is done to her, maybe even break down....
Appearance: Brown hair and brown eyes. Although, she has some white stress-hairs. She usually wears somewhat ragged and old clothes, but by no means ugly. Her skin is certainly not dark, yet not pale and white either-- more in-between.
Bio: From the very start of life, Celandine has always hated that name-- Celandine. What's it even mean?! As if there was enough cares in.the world to actually find it out. It didn't matter. Nothing mattered. Not even her friends. Wait...what friends? None. They all died in a shoot-out at the school she went to. She wasn't there that day-- that was when she was taken in to the police station. Nothing she did, no, it.was her father, killing her mother. The father went to jail though. He killed himself there, actually. Suicide. That's the idea that came over Celandine for the rest of her life. At last-- high school-- Celandine made a new friend, after all this time. After high school...she died too. She had grown quite ill, and spent the last moments of life by Celandine at the hospital. Knowing death was coming, but couldn't embrace it. Celandine lived much more of her life alone, in a small apartment, occasionally writing. But luckily...she met one man who changed her life...one who didn't die. They lived happily... had a marriage. Had a kid. One day though, they came to an argument. Over money, house rulings, the baby Elizabeth, you name it. The husband left and never came back again, and Elizabeth? Even she died...so young...no one knew why. They say she had an illness when she was born. They say, at least. And that husband, his name was Richard. Richard truly changed Celandine's life...for the worse. Now, Celandine is truly afraid of life, and hates to be around people, for the lack of.extremer words. She takes medications, and sees a weekly psychiatrist, to actually keep her from committing suicide. After all, who wouldn't? When life is this unfair to you....

Name: Doctor Zirxes
Age: 33
Gender: Male
Personality: Always calm-sounding and collected. He has a way with words and can often convince others to tell the truth of their diagnosis-- most commonly depression. Even when killing, he is calm and hushes people to their deaths as they scream and yelp in misery.
Appearance: He has semi-dark skin and light brown eyes, with some black hair but mostly grey hair. The doctor wears a brown overcoat and black pants during his meetings with medicated and depressed people. He wears reading glasses at times and wears a "sad" theatrical mask while he kills or tortures.
Bio: Always praised for his knowledge and his ways for getting around people's minds and emotions, the doctor quickly developed a strong sense of pride. He was able to SEE the very senses of a human's body as they lie, at one time finding every lie his parents have told him. When finding out he was never really their son, he murdered them. Rather than burying the bodies, he kept the limbs of them, and shelves them to this day. He grew a liking to the collection of limbs, spotting the differences in fingertips, veins, bones, and of course the amount of blood and size of the limbs. He became a psychiatrist with his gift, which he realized weakened the people's minds temporarily as they drowned In thought of change. He used this to lure people upon opening up their hearts, practically feasting upon that vulnerability.

Name: Joe Laes
Age: 31
Gender: Male
Personality: Cannibalistic and cruel, but idiotic and moronic. He can be quite clumsy with his tools and weapons, as well as where he leaves them. He eats sloppily and monstrously, especially with human meat. He always finishes the meal though.
Appearance: Wears a barbecue apron and has a brown and light grey shirt with casual blue pants. He has a bit of facial hair, but nothing extreme. His head is nearly bald, but does have short black hair.
Bio: Always ridiculed for his idiocy, Joe never really liked anyone. Or at least their characteristics. He absolutely loved meat, and food in general. Couldn't get enough of it. His mother was always a great cook, while his.dad was a butcher too. Both died of age, and Joe took the job as a butcher, literally butchering away at those with stronger hopes and dreams, and those who stray too far in the dark.

Name: Morgan Etiam Vinctum
Age: 24
Gender: Female
Personality: Calm and collected at most times, Morgan is a complete extremist-- obsessed with her religious beliefs and solipsism. Despite her malicious methods towards proof of everything, Morgan can be manipulative, never taking risks that will hinder the performance of a plan. Everything done should go precisely unless impossible. Aside from the sociopathic side of her mind, she is quite fond of music, enjoying it pleasantly. Morgan is also extremely dedicated to religion, a true worshipper who judges others based on sin and virtue. Even so, some things Morgan knows is not accepted by her creator, and despite that, does them to work towards her desire for the proof of existence.
Appearance: tumblr_mifnpg2Ci11s5es89o1_400.jpg

Name: Rachel Arborvitae
Age: 10
Gender: Female
Personality: Even for a ten year-old, Rachel is very childish and has not yet seem to grasp the concept of human morals. Constantly dependent on other people, Rachel loves to befriend new people, but she can be emotionally distressed very easily, along with feelings of pride, greed, or jealousy towards others. She can often be envious of others for no good reason, keeping grudges and either avoiding them, or childishly trying to be mean to them. While giving an innocent act, Rachel does have her intellectual side, to which also hides another side....
Appearance: 500px-Ellen.jpg
Bio: Appearing innocent, any questions towards her past are rarely answered, yet, Rachel may decide to tell people herself. But, why is she alone?


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