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  1. My Entry In The Meow Wow Plushie Contest, Thank You For Viewing,
  2. Yay!! Stopped At Wal*Mart, Scanned In The Pic, Bought A CD Of It, Put It On My Brother's Laptop, Put On It On My Phone, And, Uploaded It, So, Here It Is, My Entry, http://img51.imageshack.us/img51/487/129896941174437415.jpg
  3. http://img28.imageshack.us/img28/9005/imag0404q.jpg Here's A Temporary Screenshot Of My Entry, I Had To Take It With My Phone, I'm Traveling Home, Sorry,
  4. I Hope I Make It Home In Time To Scan Mine In..
  5. I Just Need The Rest Of The Treasures And I'll Be 100% In Begginer Mode,
  6. There Was A Mini Game There?? Ha Ha, Completely Forgot!! Thank You,
  7. How Can I Get 100% In The Mini Games Section Of The Reports Menu?? I Would Be Grateful For Some Help, Thank You,
  8. Did Anyone Else Get On Flipnote?? They Had a couple Kingdom Hearts Clubs,
  9. Pretium


    Really?? Sorry, I Didn't Think It Was, And, I Don't Do It For Attention, It's Kind Of An OCD
  10. Pretium


    It Acted Like I Was Trying To Post It Twice, I Only Pressed It Once And got The Message, that's why i Retried
  11. Pretium


    Thank You, And, I'm Sorry About The The Double Post Of This Topic, It Really Wasn't My Fault, The First Time I Tried Posting It, I Got A Message Saying I Needed To Wait 15 Seconds Before Posting, So, I Did, And, Tried Again, Somehow, It Did Post It The First Time Even Though I Got That Message
  12. Pretium


    Hello, Everyone
  13. Pretium


    Hello, Everyone
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