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  1. That's because it doesn't make sense

    Ha Ha!

    You maybe right. Maybe Kingdom Hearts 3 would take place a week or something after the events of Dream Drop Distance. I mean Sora and Riku's mark of mastery in Dream Drop Distance was all about unlocking and saving the seven worlds from their deep sleep. But Sora failed his exam in Dream Drop Distance, so his new exam might be different somewhere between Dream Drop Distance and Kingdom Hearts 3.

    Ya, I just wonder what the consequences of failing the exam are. It would seem odd for Yen Sid to be like, "Uh oh. You didn't pass. Here's a make up exam." And then he like give him another exam right away. That would be strange to me.

  2. Again with this? Look, Terra will return. He told Xehanort in BbS that he will be shown the door. The seven are Sora, Riku, Kairi, Ventus, Terra, Aqua, and Mickey. That's it. The end. Goodbye.... Any questions? I don't mean to get all moody on you, but this subject has gotten pretty old.

    I have already stated that I have no doubts that Terra will be restored when it's all said and done. I strongly believe that he will be used as a SoD in the final battle. Otherwise Lea gaining the ability to use a Keyblade and training under Yen Sid makes absolutely no sense. Zero, if not to be a GoL.But, no. I have no questions. Goodbye.

  3. I don't think so. Sora may be a keyblade master in the new trailer but the game will still pick up where Dream Drop Distance left off. I think the game will start where Yen Sid will deem Sora as keyblade master while Kairi and Lea are still in training.

    Oh, I agree that Lea and Kairi will still be training mid-game. But I just feel like there will be a small gap of time. Although, there haven't really been any gaps so far. They've all been filled in with the spinoffs.Maybe you're right, and it will be an immediate transition like the way 358/2 Days goes straight into KH II. Who knows? I'm just figuring on a little more of a space between DDD and KH III. It wouldn't feel right to me to start RIGHT were DDD left off. It's been 10 years since a numbered tittle. I want the feeling that time has past, like in KH II. You could really tell some time had passed for Sora.

  4. I probably might not be able to explain too well or make any sense, but I'm going to put out something.  I'm not denying those two of being GoL.  At this point, with as much information that's been given, any known or currently present protagonist is eligible to be one.  Of course there will be keyblade wielders as guardians, but can the 7 only be keyblade wielders?  I'm just wondering on this. As far as Kairi goes, I'm not convinced she's a guardian.  To me, all the secret ending to 3D shows she has the potential to be a GoL, not a confirmation that she is one. With Lea, I'm not sure with him.  I was surprised he even gets a keyblade in the first place.  But I can't help but think:  "Why?"  Why would Lea want a keyblade?  What reason is there for him to consider getting one?  I really don't think it was to become a GoL.  Nothing in the whole game gave out that idea (or at least I don't remember where in it).  At that time in 3D where he asked Yensid for training (I'm guessing that's what it is) to use a keyblade, he didn't know what a GoL was beforehand.  Or at least I don't remember Lea knowing what a GoL was, him asking what it is, or Yensid telling him what it is.  All I got out of that scene was: "Obtaining a keyblade won't be easy and being willing to go through with it regardless."  The only thing I can think of as to why Lea went to get one was that it had something he lacked or needed.  Whether it would help him save Sora, find answers, figure out the location of missing members in the first organization or get Isa is anybody's guess.  But "To become a Guardian of Light." isn't enough for me to be one of those guesses/reasons.   I guess I'm a bit late for responding huh?

    No, I here you about Lea possibly not intending to become one and having other reasons for Keyblade training. But we can't forget Yen Sid. He won't be wasting his Mentorship in this crucial time. I believe he is putting forth all his efforts to ready the GoLs.

  5. Kingdom Hearts 3 will take place immediately after the events of Dream Drop Distance so I doubt that Lea and Kairi are one of seven guardians of light. Especially Kairi because I don't think she would strong enough to fight the thirteen seekers of darkness. It's also confirmed that these roles that everyone is expected to fulfill may not fill these roles at all. We pretty much have to wait and see when the game comes out. I originally wanted Sora, Riku, King Mickey, Ventus, Aqua, Roxas, and Yen Sid to be guardians of light but I don't that will happen.

    Immediately is a loose term. Nomura said that the footage we saw in the latest trailer was of a Keyblade Master Sora. I think at least a bit of time will have past, even if we get to play Sora's mark of mastery exam.

  6. What do y'all think? Will they be back again? Will they be usable by Sora?


    Personally, I think Riku might get Oblivion. He did, after all, use it in 358/2 Days. Not to mention it represents him.


    I think Kairi will get Oathkeeper, as her charm that served as it's keychain has been returned to her. Oath keeper also represents Kairi.


    What do y'all think regarding these 2 iconic Keyblades?

  7. While I agree with you, I don't think Lea is a GoL. They never stated that. It's mostly likely Terra.

    I doubt Lea went to get a keyblade just so he could become a Guardian.

    I don't think Kairi is a guardian since she is already one of the princesses

    I have to disagree. :/They were called to be trained under Yen Sid for the coming battle. There'd be no need to call Kairi at all were she not to be a guardian. Same goes for Lea. It just makes no sense to train them with keyblades otherwise. If having the ability to wield a Keyblade isn't one of the requirements to be a guardian of light, then Donald and Goofy would surely be ones as well!

  8. Honestly, KH I and Coded are the ONLY games you play as only one character! It's not like it's something crazy!

    Riku had his own story mode in the second game for crying out loud.


    I totally agree that there absolutely will be multiple playable characters.

    It's just a little crazy imagining playing as all 7!

    I think Sora, Kairi, and Riku will probably the ones with the most playability.


    Personally, I think it would be really cool to unlock the other characters' story modes who may not have as much screen time.


    Youtuber Frustrated Jacob had a cool idea of making Kairi like the tutorial character.

  9. Just to nitpick, Terra is back. Sora defeated both Ansen and Xemnas so "Terra-Xehanort" is back. This was stated in DDD to when MX said that he has Terra under this control or something like that.EDIT: I wouldn't completely rule out Roxas, It was clearly stated that he developed his own heart so he can be his own person without existing inside of Sora.

    Oh, so I guess that still puts him under Seekers Of Darkness. Though I have no doubt he'll be restored when it's all said and done.As for Roxas, it's possible that they might do to him what they tried to do to Sora, make him the Thirteenth Seeker Of Darkness.

  10. I need to post this before I lose it.


    People, XION and ROXAS will NOT be Guardians of Light.

    I'm sorry to dash your dreams. And neither will Terra.


    I really hope I don't need to explain why the first 2 can't, it's very obvious. Even so, nearly every time someone posts "Their Pick" for the guardians of light I see both of those names on the list.


    Terra lost his heart, hence Ansem - Seeker of Darkness and Xemnes' creation, so it's probably in Kingdom Hearts.


    Therefor, the only logical list is as follows;


    Sora (Duh)


    Riku (Duh)


    King Mickey (Duh)


    Lea (He would not have started Keyblade training otherwise)


    Kairi (Yay! Also, same reason as Lea. She was given the ability to use a keyblade by Aqua)


    Aqua (She is still alive, just trapped in the realm of darkness)


    Ventus (His body is sleeping in Castle Oblivion somehow and his heart is still hiding within Sora)



    There you have it. In my opinion what appears to be the likely lineup of Guardians of Light.

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