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Status Updates posted by VisitJoan

  1. Six years and counting!

  2. Finally feeling better

  3. When you can’t watch a stream because is talking about doing something you got screwed out of.

  4. Great. Larxene is back. What’s up with these blonde $@*#! Making me want to punch my iPad?

    1. Lycoris


      Larxene isn't that bad. :]

    2. VisitJoan


      She told me to bash my head into a window.

    3. Lycoris


      She was just kidding with you~

  5. How often should or laptop? I’ve had my phone for almost 4 years and my laptop for almost 6 years and am considering getting new ones.

  6. Well, my dad is retired. It probably means something for myself as well.

  7. I beat Cynthia!

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    2. Felixx
    3. narushipu


      Congrats! One of the hardest battles at first! Diamond, Pearl, or Platinum?

    4. VisitJoan
  8. Anyone hiring?

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    2. HarLea Quinn

      HarLea Quinn

      i got nothing that pays :P

    3. KingdomHearts3


      I pay in hugs. Is that okay?

    4. WayfindersDestiny


      I wish, I've been unemployed now for 2.5 years ; n ;

  9. Just checking in to say I haven't forgotten about you all. Things just got in the way and I'll be back soon.

  10. Anyone hiring? I kinda need a job.

  11. I love how all the statuses are all Pokémon related.

    1. Tails


      Well Pokemon is a hugely popular series. So what did you expect? xD

    2. WakingDawn96


      Pokemon is actually, and dare I say this, more popular than Kingdom Hearts, so yeah, it's going to be talked about a lot today and possibly the following days of this week! :)

  12. Just did some spring cleaning on my YouTube. Feels good.

  13. Went to the dentist and now I have to get teeth pulled out. Yippee.

  14. Holy shoot that 0.2 menu screen

  15. I'm more excited for the Her Universe relaunch than I am for Kingdom Hearts 2.8. This tends to happen when you can't play the game...

  16. https://youtu.be/YVNF5pwFAO8 New reaction up. See if you can find the Kingdom Hearts reference.
  17. I'm starting 2017 like I started sixth grade: alone, lost, confused, low self-esteem and at a low point in general. But hopefully things will get better. I'm so done with 2016 and all of it's crap. I'm through with broken dreams and false promises. It's a new year and time for a fresh start.

  18. 2017 is almost here!!!

  19. Here's a smiley face to shine some light on a depressing status board. :)

  20. We were at the Culver's drive through when my mom forgot to order my ice cream. I was running into the restaurant when my mom pointed out that the woman in front of us had dropped her order number. So I picked it up and gave it to her without really thinking about it. Once I got back in the car, Mom told me the guy at the window took two dollars off our meal because "That was a nice thing you did." It's actions like this that make the world a better place. We need this no...

  21. I got a new video Camera!

  22. Seriously, how am I supposed to beat mimikyu if all it ever does is one shot me?

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    2. VisitJoan


      I should probably use a steel z move - if mimikyu doesn't KO me with play rough first. I thought steel types were supposed to resist that move...

    3. Joker


      I managed to survive it for the last few turns I kept spamming super potions. And took a risk and used a move that effets everyone so I k.o Mimikyu and Haunter

    4. Joker


      The z move I used was the water starter special

  23. That 3rd trail is just too funny!

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