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  1. It was the February 2012 issue of Nintendo Power.  Dream Drop Distance was the cover story.  I’ve never been obsessed with Disney moves, so I was never really interested in the series, but since Tron Legacy was going to be featured and it was going to be on a system I owned, I decided to give it a chance.  I’m glad I did.  I started watching playthroughs on YouTube and found it was so much more than Disney.  In September of that year, about a week after I  joined this site, I had a huge setback with OCD.  It got to a point where I had to play like mind games to do anything.  This site helped me through that.

  2. So, a couple of YouTubers I watch just got engaged, and my first emotion was... well I don’t exactly know what it was, it just wasn’t happiness.  I’m not really sure why.  Maybe it’s another wedding I don’t get to go to (Why does everyone else get to enjoy themselves but me).  Maybe I’m just getting flashbacks from the “wedding that never was.”  Maybe it’s because I’m lonely and haven’t really been happy since I was in college.  Whatever the reason is, I just can’t be happy for them.

  3. First off, I never really liked Jiminy Cricket.  He just weirds me out for some reason.  But I just can't stand what they do with him in KH.  I mean, he's there, but he's not.  He travels with Sora and his friends and just hides in his shirt so you forget that he's there (which I honestly prefer, by the way), and then in some cutscene he just randomly pops out and you're like "Where did you come from?"  Like... Why?  WHY?  Doesn't anyone else have problems with this or is it just a weird thing for me?

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