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  1. :) What job would you have if you were in that World :) Also, do you watch any other Disney Junior shows? Mine are all the others mentioned, with Sofia thee First being my top favourite show of ALL time! )


    I would probally be a starship pilot. That would be so cool!


    I have watched other Disney Junior shows including Sofia, which I found interesting because it wasn’t a typical princess story. I also love how they tied it in with Elena of Avalor. Honestly I think these shows are better done than most shows for adults.

  2. Miles is deffentaly one of my favorite shows, and I could see it in Kingdom Hearts, but it would kinda be a stretch. It would kinda be weird and cool at the same time. Out of all the Disney Junior shows, Miles would be the one I would most want to see.


    I sometimes wish I lived in that world. I feel like if I did, I would know exactly what I want to do as a job. Kingdom Hearts might be the next best thing. I honestly felt that Mission Fore One wasn’t as good as the first two seasons, and because of the rebranding, I haven’t seen all the epsoide of the third season. I’m really sad it’s ending. It is such a great show.

  3. I would say yes for Days and no for Re:Codded.


    Days was the first Kingdom Hearts game I ever played and I honestly enjoyed it. I never got tired of it or found it repetitive. There were two really hard bosses that were annoying to defeat, however. I also like how the Disney characters took a backseat and the main focus was on the original characters. If you don’t like mission based games then this game isn’t for you. But when you’re playing, you really feel like you are Roxas and are doing work for the Organization.


    Re:Codded is pretty much a replay of Kingdom Hearts. Yes, the overall story is different, but I’m pretty sure they just rehash the same movies again. For some reason, I never really liked Jiminy Cricket, and it was weird whenever he would pop out of nowhere in CoM. So a whole game based on his journal is not my cup of tea. I got everything I needed to from watching the cutscenes on YouTube.

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