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  1. Oblivion21

    what are the chances that

    I wouldn't mind him being in the game but there's no way he's gonna replace Goofy.
  2. Either Sazh, Fang, or Noel. Lightning seems to become more shallow as each game comes out, and I found Snow, Serah, Hope, and Vanille all annoying (though Vanille was a bit more bearable than the rest since there was a reason she acted so energetic).
  3. ...Exactly. You can dislike the game for its characters and story, not only linear gameplay.
  4. Oblivion21

    MOCAP (Motion Capture) in this?

    Which FF games had MOCAP?
  5. Oblivion21

    Your Least Favorite Video Game Genre

    I truly despise horror games. If the game is too scary, I'll throw down the controller and forget about the game. I'm a sissy, lol
  6. Nah, not a Pokemon fan. Probably gonna get Beyond: Two Souls instead.
  7. Oblivion21

    Post nothing but Totally Random things

    The potato chased my chicken
  8. Oblivion21

    Nomura mentions Versus XIII

    I never said they would say when is the release date.
  9. Oblivion21

    Nomura mentions Versus XIII

    At least they have a date set for revealing Versus.
  10. Oblivion21

    Walt Disney: the man who started it all

    tbh, not everything in Disney is 'magic' now.
  11. Oblivion21

    This week on Tumblr

    Lmao soo true