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  1. Haha, just snooping around on your profile page. I do that when I talk to someone new. But we totally have the same birthday, only I'm two years older. Haha. :)

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    2. Deadpool


      It's kind of a mixture for me. I usually feel pretty good for the people who always celebrate it but at the same time it can get kind of overwhelming when people are way too celebratory about it around everyone

    3. Keylore


      I totally understand that. It really just depends on my current mood. Sometimes I find PDA cute, and sometimes I wince or flinch and think "ewww". :P

    4. Deadpool


      Yeah, sometimes PDA makes me go "awwww" but whenever I feel salty I guess it kinda annoys me a bit but I just ignore it. I always feel good for friends though whenever they end up hooking up.

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