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  1. on this topic about Hayden I want to be clear nothing is officially confirmed or denied so lets remember that, and as someone who wants her to voice Kairi I want to be clear that who ever voices her that I will respect that decision and I hope everyone else does


    it is confirmed because Alyson does the voice in the newest trailer, lol


    They would've brought Hayden in to do that for hype if she was returning

    I love Hayden but it's certainly not her first big comeback after Heroes. She's played a leading role for six seasons of Nashville which I think has aired worldwide.


    True, I did know about that before posting, although the show doesn't interest me in the slightest as I'm sure a lot of people feel the same way


    By big comeback I was mainly meaning something as popular as KH

  2. It sure is strange. I don't think money is the issue, cause Hayden is not THAT big of a number like for example Tom Hanks. Maybe there was some other reason why they couldn't use her? Either way I personally can live with that. It's strange but not all too off of the original voice.

    yeah I dunno, but since she revealed the fact that they didn't even simply try to ask if she was free leads me to believe that they probably just prefer Kairi to have the same voice as Xion since it's like that in the Japanese version, but I still think this change is a million times weirder than just going with what we've grown to know and love. Plus this was going to be Hayden's first huge come back after Heroes.....I was looking forward to that...


    but yeah oh well, Alyson is still at least the second-best choice

  3. I myself am /extremely/ disappointed....as if losing Leonard Nimoy wasn't bad enough, Hayden confirmed that they didn't even ASK her. ...what? They seriously for some reason /want/ Alyson to voice Kairi?...


    I mean, she's a good voice actress for Xion for sure, but Hayden was just always Kairi to me. It doesn't make any sense to change her out of nowhere for the finale to the Xehanort saga. If anything, they should've asked Hayden to come for KH3 and /then/ think about doing something this stupid for the next saga. Because we keep losing voice actors left and right. It's almost even completely ruining the feel.


    It literally feels like they're just being too cheap due to how much it would cost them to hire her now.


    Luckily I might have something huge coming for me specifically in the upcoming trailers so for the people that know, lmao, good thing this cushions the blow a lot, but this /really/ irritates me.


    I was looking forward to Hayden's return just as much as Haley and David....I've been with them since the beginning of this series when KH1 was the only game of the series too, so this is a pretty huge let down.

  4. 0710171949-1.jpg


    Got a pretty decent pic where it glimmers both colors~


    edit - man, gold went up a lot. This ring is only 10kt white gold, started at $550 in 2011 when it was bought and now costs over $800 for the same thing


    pretty cool how this is my birthstone too, and that I was born on the /day/ that Square/Disney show their stuff at the panel every year; (best bd ever xD) my last name is also literally the word 'Fruit' in german. and...


    Jared Joseph Obst

    Haley Joel Osment




    idk wtF is going on anymore tbh but I guess I'll just enjoy the ride. lmfao.

  5. If this is too much, can you remove this post? I hope I'm posting this in the right spot. 


    I just want to vent about this. I don't know how to go about saying it. But I'm going to try and just vent about. 


    I'm sure a lot of us, hear this kind of sayings: "You are 27 close to 30 years, old. You need to dress up like you're an adult." "You are into the weird stuff." "Don't you think you're too old playing video games, collecting toys (Action Figures), etc." 


    These sayings weighs me down like gravity. It really upsets me to a whole. The more I hear things like this, the more fear is added on. And the more the fear is added on to me, the more determine I am to get things that I want, no matter what people say about it. 

    It's like as I hear talk like this, it's like I'm being pressured to "GROW UP" and do adult-y things. Go out and mingle with people, not stay home and play video games, get myself a man and start a family, go shopping with women, etc. I get nagged at over mingling with people and finding myself a boyfriend. 

    Thinking about this makes me want to just not even both people in general, in real life. Just go to my future job, do my hours, talk to people and be sociable yes, but not do adult activities with them. Just sit in the sidelines and watch the crowd from afar. 

    I've been called anti-sociable my by late aunt when I was a kid. I'm very shy, but I do pick and choose who I want to talk to. There are topics that I don't want to talk about, but yet talking about anime and video games comforts me.


    Is it wrong that I'm 3 years close to being 30 and I enjoy topics like that? Is it wrong that I want to add a little excitement and flair to my clothes (clothes that I want to take a break from the dressy casual kind), no matter how many times people would think that I'm not my age?  

    I'm just filed up with these opinions, these sayings, and the whole talk that I need to contribute to society. The adult fear is eating me alive but yet it adds fuel to my burning determination. All I wanted to do is add a little excitement to my life and remember things, that I could possibly share to someone younger.  I'm aware of what I am now, but that's what I want to do and not care of what people thinks. 


    Thanks for letting me vent this. And sorry if this is too much to read.... 

    The people who try to tell you to be someone you're not are complete snobs. In my opinion, the best adults are the fun, caring and interesting ones.


    us, basically. I'm 25 and still obsessed with Mickey Mouse. Always will be.


    it's their loss; we're the ones having all the fun! :P

  6. I use the term "die" loosely, but that's pretty much what happened. Check the ending credits of Birth By Sleep. It shows Zack in Olympus Coliseum disappearing after a black feather shows up, and a black feather then takes his place where he was standing (the black feathers allude to Sephiroth).

    Oh yeah. Yeah it does make it seem like he's gone...


    Although at the same time, he got killed as an adult, so maybe that was just foreshadowing the future event, and maybe Nomura could use the excuse that "it didn't happen yet". Just wishful thinking. x D

  7. What? He did die. And Aerith is in there, we saw her in KHI and KHII.... so what's the problem?

    lol you completely misunderstood what I was trying to convey. x D


    You said you weren't going to include Zack because he's dead, but Aerith is dead too. So I was wondering what that contradiction was about lol


    Super Smash Bros. director Masahiro Sakurai explained on Miiverse that instead of revealing the new character through something like Nintendo Direct (which are often pre-recorded), Nintendo will live-stream the unveiling. It will take place Monday, July 14, at 7 a.m. PDT.

    "Looks like we're nearing the bottom of the stash of new challenger videos that we've made," Sakurai wrote. "Like always, we put a lot of effort into it, so I hope you'll enjoy watching it live."

    you have no idea how intense my heart attack was when i saw this in my inbox!!!

    the live stream will be here>>>: Official Site - Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS / Wii U


    I was hoping for Bowser Jr............I don't fukcing get why he's NOT a character when they use him as one in other games all the time. >: O


    That's the one thing that SERIOUSLY pisses me off about this game. Even though I'm still going to obsess over it

  9. As of now mickey was just looking for the Kingdom Key D. It's hard to say if Nomura is going to change that. So I guess it's possible. 


    But it is implied, in this scene that they do know where she is.


    Mickey: "Yen Sid. I think we're finally close to figuring out where Ven's heart is".

    Yen Sid: "Is that so? Then that leaves only Terra".

    Mickey: "Right and We've gotta save all three of em"

    Thanks for that, that's exactly what I was looking for.


    Btw, are you the one who used to be Megaman X back in the day?

  10. I know the main reason for him going to the Realm of Darkness was to find the Keyblade that he now owns, but does anyone else think there was also another underlying reason to it that hasn't been confirmed yet? Maybe he was also looking for Aqua there, yet couldn't find her?


    But wait, is he or anyone else even aware that she's there?


    I know that it's also much more than likely for Nomura to not have even come up with any of BbS's story that long ago, but they could always add that part to it, explain it in KH3 and make it work. That'd be pretty cool.

  11. Which part of the extra content from Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix are you looking forward the most to play once Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 ReMIX is released?



    But ESPECIALLY the fact that we can finally, after countless years of waiting, get a chance to unlock the CROWNS, OMG


    My second choice would be the amazing new Keyblades such as Winner's Proof and Two Become One!!!


    3rd, the Sentiment fight. This thread is just making me want the game even more now lol.

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