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Hello everyone and welcome to my profile!

So, about me. I'm a Mormon Christian (no we do NOT practice polygamy!), I'm a big Kingdom Hearts fan as well as an animé, Disney and Harry Potter fan, my favourite colour is lilac and my favourite hobbies include spending time on my laptop, drawing and daydreaming. My favourite Kingdom Hearts character has a habit of changing but lately it's been Riku (before that it was Ventus, then before that it was Naminé and before that Kairi, I think). Some of my favourite animés/mangas include Clannad, Naruto, Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle and Fruits Basket (see the video below for more). One of my favourite female animé characters is Hinata from Naruto and my favourite male animé character is Syaoran from Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle. Ummm...what else? Oh I like cats, food, spending time with my family, snow days, stargazing and watching the sunset. Phew, I think that's about it. ^_^


If you like watching Kingdom Hearts music videos please check out my Youtube channel under the same username or if you like animé artwork my Deviantart username is KairisSister. 

Also I don't tend to use Chat but if you want to talk to me feel free to send me a message!


Thanks for visiting!



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