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  1. Lol it got delayed

    1. Tails


      Yeah which is kinda odd but understandable. They could be delaying it out of feedback from the KH Premier event.

  2. Still imitating him I see (which is a good thing). Good job man, keep at it
  3. Oh, no it was just a standard copy bought from Japan. That was a few months before it released everywhere else
  4. The most I spent was around eighty dollars when I bought KH1.5 in April 2013
  5. Wow, that was a lot to take in at once. Some cool ideas though, especially making the bosses more difficult
  6. What happened to the Forum Games section? Haven't been around for a while

    1. Bolt


      nvm it was just hidden, forgot how to use the internet apparently

  7. The gameplay didn't feel that much different from the other games to me
  8. Did you leave th achrives team or something!

    1. Bolt


      I left around the beginning of the year

    2. Youkomon
  9. Sometimes I hate the things friends do

  10. If it's an average game why do you hate it? Lol
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