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  1. Still imitating him I see (which is a good thing). Good job man, keep at it
  2. Oh, no it was just a standard copy bought from Japan. That was a few months before it released everywhere else
  3. The most I spent was around eighty dollars when I bought KH1.5 in April 2013
  4. Bolt

    Sonic Remake Ideas

    Wow, that was a lot to take in at once. Some cool ideas though, especially making the bosses more difficult
  5. The gameplay didn't feel that much different from the other games to me
  6. If it's an average game why do you hate it? Lol
  7. Bolt

    What Naruto Character/Ability Are You?

    Itachi, Fire... I'm cool with that.
  8. I was able to get the 140 prize with all three characters, so I'm not sure what the problem is
  9. Other than dropping, you can buy Dark Roll from the Flick Rush medal shop. You can get Curagas from the shop during the discounts, and there is a chest that has Aerial Slam in Pranksters Paradise. Second Chance is easy to get from the R&R Seal - it's the first thing on the board I think.
  10. This is my view, from a gameplay standpoint alone S: Kingdom Hearts II, 0.2 A: Dream Drop Distance, Re:coded B: Kingdom Hearts, Re:CoM C: Birth by Sleep, CoM, 358/2 Days
  11. Bolt

    Sonic the Hedgehog members unite!

    My name is inspired by Miles Prower, or who many of us might refer to simply as god.
  12. Bolt

    What game at E3 2017 you gonna get?

    Well I liked too many of the games shown to count, but the only ones I'll probably be getting in the near future are Xenoblade 2 and Sonic Forces.
  13. Looking forward to Sonic Generations 2
  14. Most interesting news I've seen in a while. Can't wait for the release
  15. Naruto Aside from the high chance of being killed
  16. Bolt

    Sonic Forces Custom Hero Trailer

    I feel like this is designed for an online play feature
  17. Bolt

    These Zelda reviews are insane.

    I don't even play the Zelda series, and that makes me want to buy the game.
  18. Wii U had been dead to me long before today.
  19. FFXII HD release date because I didn't care about anything else.