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  1. Lol it got delayed

    1. Tails


      Yeah which is kinda odd but understandable. They could be delaying it out of feedback from the KH Premier event.

  2. Still imitating him I see (which is a good thing). Good job man, keep at it
  3. Oh, no it was just a standard copy bought from Japan. That was a few months before it released everywhere else
  4. The most I spent was around eighty dollars when I bought KH1.5 in April 2013
  5. Wow, that was a lot to take in at once. Some cool ideas though, especially making the bosses more difficult
  6. What happened to the Forum Games section? Haven't been around for a while

    1. Bolt


      nvm it was just hidden, forgot how to use the internet apparently

  7. The gameplay didn't feel that much different from the other games to me
  8. Sometimes I hate the things friends do

  9. If it's an average game why do you hate it? Lol
  10. Anyone else getting Final Fantasy XII tomorrow?

    1. Clouded Sun

      Clouded Sun

      Nope. The remaster to me isn't that good. I could just run my old game on PC.

  11. I was able to get the 140 prize with all three characters, so I'm not sure what the problem is
  12. Other than dropping, you can buy Dark Roll from the Flick Rush medal shop. You can get Curagas from the shop during the discounts, and there is a chest that has Aerial Slam in Pranksters Paradise. Second Chance is easy to get from the R&R Seal - it's the first thing on the board I think.
  13. This is my view, from a gameplay standpoint alone S: Kingdom Hearts II, 0.2 A: Dream Drop Distance, Re:coded B: Kingdom Hearts, Re:CoM C: Birth by Sleep, CoM, 358/2 Days
  14. My name is inspired by Miles Prower, or who many of us might refer to simply as god.
  15. 5 months late to the party, but Kingdom Hearts 2.8 is awesome

  16. Well I liked too many of the games shown to count, but the only ones I'll probably be getting in the near future are Xenoblade 2 and Sonic Forces.
  17. I just can't understand why the Xbox X is priced a hundred more than the Pro, when in practice the differences between how the same games run on both systems will be pretty minor. I think it'll flop without a price drop (well, it might anyway)

    1. MythrilMagician


      Because the XBONE X is more powerful than the PS4 Pro. More powerful hardware = higher price.

  18. Looking forward to Sonic Generations 2
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