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Please note that this stream may contain spoilers for Kingdom Hearts III.
  1. Does anyone know how many you need for proud mode? or at least standard?
  2. I was wondering if they were going to do that or not cuz I read somewhere that the PS4 pro was going to be restocked on the 29th or something. Idk if I can really believe that or not but it doesn't hurt to see.
  3. so what if I had and US plus account and then switched to my Japan account? I feel like that should work.
  4. Could you please me the name of the site?
  5. I find it interesting that EU gets their own ver. of the console with the art book, steel case, and pin( i actually would prefer that one tbh). I really hope they restock them for the US...
  6. Does anyone else think they will have a second wave of these? I'm not that familiar with how PlayStation handles limited editions of the ps4 pro.

  7. Does anyone else think they will have a second wave of these? I'm not that familiar with how PlayStation handles limited editions of the ps4 pro.
  8. The villain for big hero 6 is Dark Baymax remember. Unless one of them is directing it to do something, there wouldn't be a reason for them to be there. Although, Maleficent and Pete are also in this game and could show up there. It's kinda up in the air if a Wreck it Ralph world is going to Union X or KH3.
  9. I thought about that too, but then I thought about how Elsa and technically Rapunzel aren't as pure as they seem. Even though Rapunzel didn't actually do anything wrong, when she was escaping the tower she had this conflict of if she was doing the right thing or not and felt bad about it. Sure, her mother was evil and we, as the viewers, knew that as well, but at the time she didn't and she genuinely had this inner conflict about it although it didn't really matter after she found out. As for Elsa she isn't really as pure, at first, she ran away because she was scared, but then it turned into being selfish and grew into the point of actually hurting her sister and not really caring that much. That being said, she did have a change of heart and owned up to her mistakes, but maybe you do have to be as pure-hearted to be considered one the princesses or at least you can have an inner conflict similar to Rapunzel. It is definitely weird that Laxrene is tempting Elsa to accept the darkness if they need to to be one of the pure lights.
  10. That's true, but Kairi was an original princess and they wanted to handle her differently, but they could make another one. As for the Alice thing, it always kinda bothered me that she was considered a princess, it just didn't feel consistent. They could do something like that again, but they could try and keep it simple and make them of some royal blood or of some level of power in their respective world/movie since they are trying to get new fans into the game as well (I was definitely confused if Alice was an actual princess or not for a few years when I first play KH lul). I also don't think that they would be returning characters either(even though Elizabeth should technically be one) because it would make more plot holes than there already are for this concept, like if Minnie or Namine was considered to be one then it would raise the question of why no one bothered to take them. I think it would be wise if they ditched that concept from KH1, that also might have only been a thing because Nomura didn't know if there was going to be a sequel and he wanted to cram as much stuff in there as he could with what he had to work with. Plus, it would kinda suck if your favorite princess was in the game but you couldn't go to their world, people would have rioted if that was done to Anna and Elsa. It would also be good for sales too, heck I'm buying the game a fourth time cuz of those toy story action figures lul. But I do see what you're getting at though.
  11. I just realized that there are no good princes in Disney movies other than Aladdin and maybe Beast!

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. Arielle Mobley

      Arielle Mobley

      Adam is the Beast's real name

    3. Alan Smithee

      Alan Smithee



      The one from The Princess And The Frog.

    4. ITzDarthLordRevan


      Eugene isn't a prince, so I doubt he counts. But, I liked him best out off all the disney princesses' love interests.

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