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  1. It wont happen. Most FF characters=Radiant Garden It would be awkward....
  2. Something happened to Zack..The feather at the end of BBS means something right?TWENY GANG SHOULD COME BACKKKKK
  3. If Max really did that I will die of laughter. You made my day XDD
  4. Your not alone on that idea XDI also don't want Marvel and Star Wars worlds..They don't seem fitting.
  5. Yeah but who will make Ariel drown? *I slowly raise my hand up* JKSORA!!! But, I guess its too late to tell her now
  6. No, But it can be like a bonus world, like what this person said
  7. Then its a 99% chance. But I would hate not to see Radiant Gardenin KH3
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