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  1. If you have an extra AB3 and Larxene B at a good guilt, I'm pretty sure switching her out with Marluxia A would probably be able to take that last bar off. Also, if your friend Darkside had AB3 you'd definitely be able to 1 turn him too. If you have JnS, you could run a Setup like this: and it would work. If you have more questions, I'd go to the weekly discussion thread @ r/kingdomhearts here, they're more active there and in the subreddit in general.
  2. is he trolling? did he just compare the sales of the full franchise of pokemon and final fantasy with kingdom hearts?
  3. I highly doubt it seeing as we technically weren't even supposed to be playing the Japanese version. EDIT: I stand corrected, there is a Migrate Data option when you start it up but idk how it works
  4. i'm so tilted like I want to be patient but I'm really not getting how hard it is to just translate and host a mobile game
  5. I'm really trying to be optimistic but I really hope this doesn't turn into what happened with FFVII G-Bike /:
  6. honestly as long as there's some minute way where I could create a character for multiplayer I'd be so happy
  7. I'm really skeptical of this... It's just solely for the fact that it's being released for both PS3 and PS4. If it was truly just a DDD HD version, then why would they be releasing only literally 1 game from the series on PS4? The only sort of reasoning that would make sense to have it being released on both consoles is that I have to that is it would be just DDD HD for PS3 and all of the games bundled together for PS4. The other reason I'm skeptical is if it would have a KH3 demo, how would that even be on PS3 since KH3 won't even be able to run on it? Once again, the only reasoning that would make sense to me would be that the demo would only be for the PS4 version and not the PS3 version. But if that's the case then why release such a stripped down version for the PS3? I guess we'll see what they're up to but it just sounds sketchy. I feel like they should just choose one console to release it on unless they're going to make up for it on the other console.
  8. I also agree that it shouldn't be remastered, atleast before KH3. It was and still is a great game, plus it's integral to the story but iunno about getting it remastered... I think at the very least if they want to honor it then maybe they could add cutscenes from it to KH3, or as Alpha Baymax said they could maybe remaster it for a KH3 Final Mix someday.
  9. If it's executed correctly, then yes. The story would make for a great movie.
  10. tbh, It's lacking a lot of things to me...It's not horrible but it's just lackluster to me. For the KH2 part at the bottom with donald, roxas, sora, and goofy, it just looks like the characters are randomly placed and there's a lot of empty space, meaning that they should've added more rather than excluding. Or, they could've completely redrawn the 4 characters..I dunno. It's just weird to me with Sora in the middle and 2 characters on the right but only one character on the left. They did the same thing with Aqua but it doesn't look as bad because the checkerboard insignia things fill up the empty space, sort of. Also, the checkerboard insignia things bother me too lol but it's something I'll get used to, the other things not so much. I also agree with the characters looking young, but I only agree with the KH2 characters looking too young. I feel like re:coded should look that way somewhat because it's still KH1 sora basically, but for KH2 Sora and Roxas to just look like they're from KH1 with new clothes defeats the purpose... But that ends my rant.. I think I may have to agree with this being the weakest box art we've seen since KH1. But I digress, still gonna buy the game tho ఠ_ఠ
  11. I don't really care much about coded but I would've liked for 358/2 Days to be remade as a game, but at the same time I don't want to wait any longer than we have to for KH3 so that's the dilemma /:
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