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  1. I KNOW when i saw this I got so excited. FINALLY this is happening
  2. I really did, but when i didn't see Disney I thought it actually was FFXV.
  3. The issue is that, the KH worlds are Disney worlds, so at least for me, feels weird to have "realistic" Disney worlds, so in that case i would say no. But then comes this, that makes me think So for original worlds like Traverse Town or Radiant Garden it could work but that may destroy the overall "Disney feeling" of the game <- if this makes any sense so... Maybe for the CGI it could be good but my overall think of it is that no, KH3 shouldn't have realistic worlds but they can really improve the cartoonish worlds with the new engine.
  4. Sora is pretty much a normal boy, the "special" thing he has is that he can hold more than 1 heart in his own body, and the fact that he creates conections or bonds with other people like... really easily. But that's it, the major thing that could make him even more special is the "Key to Return Hearts" that we know nothing about, it could be an item, a keyblade, a special power Sora learns... I don't know but that's probably how everything is going to connect in KH3
  5. I would love to have a worldwide release on 2015-2016
  6. Thanks Everyone this community is really cool
  7. Probably Aqua, but I think that if Sora is going to start again, I mean he is op with his forms and the dual weilding, they should find Ventus early in the game, that way Sora losses his dual weilding ability (correct me if I'm wrong) and start finding new abilities and stuff
  8. I think Gummi Ship, if Sora, Riku and Kairi learn to use keyblade gliders they could be used inside the worlds and in mini-games.
  9. Well obviously every time Sora swings the keyblade he cuts the little amout of hair that grows every day, so in KH1 as his lims are shorter the hair is smaller than his hair on KH2, because in KH2 his limbs are longer and the hair stays a little longer too
  10. Hello! I registered in this forum some years ago, but i was just surfing from threat to threat from time to time and i never got actually involved in the forums so i'm starting right now *0* so technically I'm a Newbie, an "old newbie" if that makes any sense hahaha.I'm from Latin America and my english isn't perfect so bare with me.I am a big fan of the KH series and I have played every game, although I don't have a 3ds :sad: a friend of mine let me play on his 3ds and I could finally play DDD *3* So that's it.Thank You! :rolleyes:
  11. I was thinking the same thing, so we can expect her to be a guardian of light but since it's not confirmed, she just could be a keyblade weilder who helps and not an actual guardian of light
  12. If it's included, it would have to be in a special cutscene or in some sort of situation that includes any of the FFXV characters. (if there's anyone, if not, just no).And I would like it to be in some sort of remix to fit the KH feel.
  13. I would prefer KH3 as a console title, the handheld are good but they just don't feel as good as the console ones and I think that if there is any posibility of a multiplayer in KH3, maybe they could put just the multi on the vita or something with your account and your same character on the ps4. idk I still prefer console only though
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