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  1. I wish i could...i don't know how to, though. I wonder who else will post in this thread EDIT: And you're welcome rikufan2008
  2. Yay I like your new profile. It looks so cool^^
  3. As you may of noticed, i don't go on here much anymore. I dislike video game forums with a passion now, pretty much, this one included. Sometimes i still like logging into here for a good laugh about how into riku i seem to get, though. But its not a thing I favor to do often... Anyways, that out of the way, I have a song to share with all of you: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MPGHvqge9BY This song SO reminds me of, you guessed it, riku. A lot. I could easily see him singing a song like this one, if he felt like singing. It also reminds me of myself and the struggles i face with my identity and stuff due to confusion of what others told me and how i toke it. And reflecting on times when i didn't feel like i was facing a 'darkness' inside of me... Its a pretty cool song. Also, its from the new my little pony movie, which i may see the forth time tomarrow its my favorite so far. And twilight sparkle is pretty riku like in it. I said that a bunch of times during my first watch it was epic, and she easily became a favorite character of mine. EDIT: I think at least some of you should concider seeing this movie its really good. I promise. Also, i felt like watching it 5 times, but i know i can tire of a movie if i watch it too many times in a row...It replays all week so tomarrow's the last day you'll catch it on discovery family. I know i want to see it again tomarrow, and any other future airs. Its one of my most favorite movies of all time possably one of my brother's too.
  4. And lets not forget weild a keyblade ...Hopefully the Way To Twilight, the counterpart to riku's one Yes, you knew i wasn't gonna go TOO long not talking about riku
  5. Sounds like a good idea to me! thanks. While we're at it maybe i should style my hair like sora's to finish the trio lol
  6. I'M WEARING A GOOFY DRESS Yay for random things to laugh about^^
  7. I'm glad you peeps *wasn't sure of a better word?* like my story Thank you. Also...that goofy part made me laugh loudly at my computer I needed that, since i was in a bad mood up till i read that...(just so you know: My brother has free movie channels right now, i'm forced to use the net so i don't have to be around them, and i'm really worried i'll miss today's new ep of mlp if i take a nap ...Ehhhhh good thing i came to kh13, for once ) Yeah, i should start on chaptor 2 sometime soon Also, i duno if this thread should be under fanficts or not I love you riku
  8. Thanks Yeah, i don't understand trolls....They can get so confusing Pinkie Pie says hi She's a pony i like a lot^^ she's pink my favorite color and i'm proud of it
  9. Thanks People have bashed me here in the past. So i don't like going here much, even when i know my funny posts i make will likely make me feel good inside.
  10. I make sure to see EVERY SINGLE my little pony episode
  11. The second chaptor of my story may have to do with ponies as well as dating riku I'm causing myself a lot of trouble right now.... someone here is going to upset me, i bet. No, maybe i should not think that....having fun is a good thing. and its kinda fun to write a funny story about me and riku and this seems like the right place for that lol
  12. LOL EDIT: Noooooooo my totally awesome riku story. In chapter 2, i fall asleep and only riku's kiss can wake me. Also, changelings are trying to take over a local game room. And me and riku aren't sure if we should fight them, or, be friend them. Also, me and riku got two elements of harmony. Mine is the element of fangiriing, his is the element of hawtness.
  13. I don't see myself on the anime list. Someone must edit me in there lol As "Riku's crazy girl friend who's also a fairy princess"
  14. Awesome Thanks for telling me! Its nice i still get to be in it even if i'm not THAT active here. but sometimes i go here for a quick laugh. How i can get about riku can be too funny haha
  15. Yes. Its a story about me being a princess, and dating riku
  16. http://kh13.com/forum/topic/100770-its-story-time/ I probably shouldn't of wrote that...i was bored. And felt like making random posts about riku for my own laughs...
  17. Am I in this story? Can I be? Please? I could star as riku's girl friend
  18. This is a story about me dating riku I felt like posting something like this for the luls. Okay so here it is. Once there was a beautiful pink princess named Dawnie. She lived in a kingdom of happiness, but often didn't feel happy herself cuz she worried about those out there who weren't happy. But we don't have to talk about them. Anyways, one day, she was invited to a ball by a mysterious boy. Excited, she put on her most beautiful pink poofy dress and the cutest pink tiara. And yeah i like pink lol Anyways, she makes it to the ball, and meets the prince. And he has long silver hair. And his name is riku. They dance for hours, then kissed passionately. Then they went to the nearby gameroom after a moonlight stroll outside the ball. They played lots of video games and ate ice cream and salted peanuts. It was beautiful. Then they went for a candle light dinner. It was so romantic. Dawnie was starting to want to do even more to this prince 'riku'. So they go to her castle and now Dawnie is completely happy and well rested and they live Happily Ever After as cute animals sing for them outside the castle everyday. Yep. Thats my story. Isn't riku dreamy? Please don't bash this story if you don't like it now LOL
  19. Yesssss. Exactly One of my most favorite memes EVER thank you for posting it^^
  20. By us? I mean princess dawnie and her handsome prince, riku, of course LETS ALL EAT SOME VERTICAL CAKES! kawaii
  21. I'm not sure but riku as a wolf sounds hot. Will me and riku one day get married?
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