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  1. Oh hey, legit, I (finally) remembered my password for this place.

    1. Jingilator


      If you wanna remember it better, then write it down on a note or something. Helps ME whenever I forget MY password.

  2. Well okay, now that I'm back, I'm in the mood for a RP! Anybody have any recommendations?

  3. I HAVE COME BACK FROM THE DEAD! So, what's new with you all?

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    2. Pangoro "Sen"

      Pangoro "Sen"

      Yeah, I'm sure it will! I wish you luck, dood!

    3. Shulk
    4. Moochieh32


      Welcome back Pangoro :)

  4. Uh, hey guys. I just wanted to say that I won't really be on this site anymore. I kinda tend to feel...well, isolated I guess the word would be. I might come back once or twice, but don't expect much. Well, goodbye everybody.

  5. So I went to see Zootopia. Fantastic movie, it was. Very well done. Blah blah, furry joke here, it was fantastic.

    1. Josuke Higashikata

      Josuke Higashikata

      Don't you mean it was...






      I'msonotsorry. I need to see the movie as soon as I can.

    2. Pangoro "Sen"

      Pangoro "Sen"

      Yeah, you really do need to see it. It has a lot of great qualities. It has its flaws, sure, but the good HEAVILY outweigh the bad.

  6. Gotta wake up early tomorrow so I can get ready to go and see Zootopia. Yes, I'm willing to do that.

  7. So uh, Nintendo Direct. Yeah, sucked. A whole lot. But, uh, can I just say something? I don't think Federation Force will be bad at all. Honestly, it looks fun.

    1. Shulk


      100% agree about Federation Force (I did love the Direct overall though. Some slow parts, but it had a lot that I really wanted to see). It looks fun, I think it's going to be a case like Wind Waker where people were just mad because it was different, then it turns out to be a lot of fun. A few of the guys in my group of friends are all excited for it, and I'm one of them. The Direct just made me even more excited.

  8. My boyfriend roped me into listening to Sentai music tracks. They're surprisingly good.

  9. You guys need money, huh? Well wanna know what I need?

  10. So I've been on a bit of an Awakening rush lately, and I find out that Ricken in the game is voiced by Yuri Lowenthal. So that's cool.

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    2. Shulk


      Alright. Bye!

    3. Pangoro "Sen"

      Pangoro "Sen"


    4. Shard the Gentleman

      Shard the Gentleman

      ... I'm not apologizing :P

  11. Yay for today off from school! I could be so productive today! Emphasis on could.

  12. So remember when I said I didn't like Soul Calibur V and wished I got P4A instead? Well, Persona 4 Arena Ultimax is free for PS+ users right now. And I just got 3 months card for PS+. I think you guys know what comes next.

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    2. Pangoro "Sen"

      Pangoro "Sen"

      Oh, but it ends really soon. Like, two days soon. So you better hurry up if you wanna get it!

    3. Josuke Higashikata

      Josuke Higashikata

      Oh wow..


      Uh, better speed up!

    4. Pangoro "Sen"

      Pangoro "Sen"

      Yeah. Thankfully, you can just buy a month's worth of PS+ straight from the store for $10.

  13. I know that a lot of people love indie games, but right now, the whole indie scene is a mess.

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    2. Hargleblargleboo


      Yeah... I dunno what's going on... Sure, a few of them are good, but the majority?... Ehhh...

    3. Skai


      Indies are all about taking risks and thinking outside the box to sell their games, which big studios can't do, so it's not surprising that it may be a mess since it's usually a hit or miss.

    4. Shulk


      To be honest, it's always had ups and downs. I've come to appreciate the indie scene much more in recent years thanks to games like Cave Story (Which I was late to) and Shovel Knight, but there's always been that whole "All indie games must be hardcore platformers" thing.

  14. So now not only am I learning to draw, but now my boyfriend is learning to draw, too. I find that cool.

    1. WakingDawn96


      I'm learning to draw as well, that is drawing from the Pokemon Art Academy game, and when I say draw I mean trace outlines and color in the painting!

  15. And now I wanna play/watch/read .hack//.

    1. Shulk


      I need to get back to Infection... Maybe once I'm finished with Fates.

    2. Pangoro "Sen"

      Pangoro "Sen"

      Oh yeah, you really should. Honestly, Infection isn't that long. Maybe 10-20 hours, if i'm remembering right. Though that makes it easier to 100%.

  16. Well, I learned something new this morning. If you own a Vita, you can set an image for the start screen by going into your photos, getting to the one you want, clicking the more options button, and clicking the set as home screen option. So, uh, yay.

  17. Drake & Josh is funnier than I remember. Props to ya, Dan Schneider.

    1. teh lazy prince Xylek

      teh lazy prince Xylek

      i used to love that show

    2. Soravids


      That final Christmas movie was cool. :) I used to really like the show.

  18. So I decided to check out Over the Garden Wall. And I have to say, I legitimately do enjoy it! It just feels so much like a Grimm fairy tale made in the style of a modern children's cartoon. It's just so good~!

  19. Hey, uh guys. Can I just...say something? I legitimately hate Pokemon Red and Blue. Maybe it's just me being raised on games from gen III and onward, but I just can not play Gen I games with how broken they are. :/

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    2. bit


      wait am i missing something? how is gen 1 broken?

    3. Pangoro "Sen"

      Pangoro "Sen"

      @Byte It is severely broken compared to later generations. I could go on and on about things like how OP the Special stat was, but I'll just drop this link here for you to check out. It's a list of many of the problems that plagued the first generation of Pokemon. http://goo.gl/oVHuUE

    4. Hargleblargleboo


      Yeah... Gen I did not age well at all.

  20. I don't like that bot post. If it was a bot. Please get it out of here.

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    2. Soravids


      How in the heck are those things getting so smart lol.

    3. Enix


      Where is the post?

    4. Soravids
  21. Welp. Gonna get a bearded dragon soon-ish. So, what should I name him? I was thinking Abraham, but I want suggestions from you guys!

    1. Enix


      How about Dumbledore?

  22. You know, Final Fantasy XV is the first FF game that I'm legitimately excited for its release. Whatever that means.

  23. I decided that I'm gonna start drawing on Saturday. And I'm going to start with tracing stuff. I don't know if that's even drawing, but I hear it's a great starting point.

    1. Shimmy


      Yes! Just drawing anything is good. Eventually lines will start making sense etc etc

    2. Hargleblargleboo


      In terms of what you might be taking about, this video might help so that you aren't anxious about tracing and/or copying.

    3. EternalReckoning


      Exactly what shimmy said, I'd recommend once you feel comfortable with tracing try drawing recreations of other peoples drawings, how I got good xD

  24. Well, I just learned that the Naruto universe was specifically created with all modern technology except modern weapons like guns, because why use kunai/shuriken when you could use guns. I'm not a big fan of Naruto anymore, but that's pretty cool. And it also explains why I distinctly remember a kid playing a Gameboy in one of the Naruto movies or something.

    1. EternalReckoning


      T.v.s are still a little to high tech for a world that now has the equivalent of an iPod, I don't get kishimotos logic xD

    2. Shulk


      A lot of the more advanced technology (Gameboys, guns, TV, etc.) are from the non-canon movies or fillers. I don't remember many examples of advanced technology in the manga (though it's been 5 years since I started reading so that might be why xD), but it was definitely more in the fillers or the most recent movie, which takes place way later in the timeline so that makes more sense.

  25. Jeez, I just wanna go on so many rants regarding video game popularity. Which games more people need to shut up about, which games more people need to know about, etc.

    1. Enix


      I honestly feel the same way.

    2. Veemon


      Ohoho, you know the half of it. X) But from my nature, I cannot do that, but also for it may end with very punishing results!

    3. Xiro


      I mean, to each their own.

      Also, I'm kinda glad the friends I talk about KH with who aren't as into it don't tell me to shut up xP

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