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About Me

Heyo, everybody! I'm KH13's Pangoro, but you can call me Sen if you'd like. I'm a beary happy bear, and I would love to chat with anybody! So strike me up if you would like to know more about me!


Favorite video game: The World Ends With You


Other video games I play: Shin Megami Tensei, Borderlands, Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy, Zelda, Tales of, Harvest Moon, Castlevania, .Hack, Pokemon, Mario, and various others.


Video game(s) I'm currently playing: Phoenix Wright: Justice for All, Animal Crossing New Leaf


Other games I play: Dungeons & Dragons and Magic the Gathering.


Favorite anime: Parasyte -the maxim-


Other anime I've seen: Death Note, Soul Eater, Black Butler, Ouran High School Host Club, Sword Art Online, No Game No Life.


Currently watching: Stranger Things 2


Things I do on this site: Roleplay, talk about video games, respond to status updates, and occasionally put up my own topics.


Other Things You Should REALLY Know About Me...


I love writing. Like, a lot. It's what I want to do with my life. Though I'm also getting into drawing as of late!


I'm a homosexual. Sorry ladies.


I really don't like fighting with anybody, either physically or in terms of arguing.



So yeah, I think that's it. Pangoro out!

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