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  1. Great I just finished my about me page and I accidentally click something else. Now I have to start all over again... Just great

    1. Shulk


      Don't you love it when that happens? :P

    2. Ruby


      Yeah really enjoyed the next 5-10 minutes doing that again

    3. Shulk


      Yeah, always fun... *Sarcasm :P*

  2. Should I feel offended since I still use IE......
  3. How do I post video on a thread?? I'm so confused...

    1. dusk


      lol owww xylek, I said it just as a joke

    2. teh lazy prince Xylek

      teh lazy prince Xylek

      lol owwww dusk, i thought you knew i took it as a joke

    3. dusk


      lol owwwww xy, I thought you would understand that I was playing along with your joke



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  4. Well now I know what I'm gonna be scared of when I see a spider.............
  5. I think I was going on google looking for kh3d news and interviews and saved the page. 6 months later and I finally made an account
  6. I'm getting a 3ds, kh3d, and a pair of black leather boots
  7. That awkward moment when your parents are fighting about something stupid and you're in the middle of it...

  8. Ruby

    What should I do?

    Thanks you guys I'll try to go to her house soon and ask her for it and when she comes over I'll let her play it
  9. Ruby

    What should I do?

    Well yeah I've tried that but she mostly never answers my texts or calls anymore and when we try to hang out either one of us can't go or one of us isn't here
  10. So I have this friend named Lorena and I let her borrow my psp and bbs. It's been 4 months and she's barely half way through the game and my mom keeps asking me if she's done with it bc my mom says says its been too long for her just to borrow it. Plus my dad thinks I just let her borrow the game not the psp too and I really miss playing bbs. And I pretty sure since I'm getting a 3ds and ddd for Christmas she's gonna want to borrow it to. We're also growing apart from being best friends but I don't want to sound mean to her by taking the psp back now that we're growing apart. What should I do? Please help?
  11. Ruby


    Thanks I'm really enjoying the site so far This was just an automatic like
  12. Ruby


    Hi I'm new here and I've been going through this site for about 6 months, but i barely made an account last night. I love TWEWY, Final Fantasy 7, and most of all Kingdom Hearts!!!! I'm really looking forward to being part of the community
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