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  1. The ending song for episode 3 was in a podcast on YouTube with Jeff Williams. Someone on tumblr put only the music on an audio post for anybody who'd like to hear it (it's not in the best quality though since the video originally didn't have it in good quality either)


    The song's called Gold.

  2. Air pollution.

    Ok really, is the air pollution that bad in California? And the one for Iowa is completely incorrect; it's neither the oldest existing state nor is it made up of the oldest people. Only 14.9% are older than 65. And since when is Maine the dumbest state I'd much quicker jump to the midwest states than that...Oh Ive been there before. You should visit Naples that's just right across the gulf  and there's a really nice resort there

    I don't think it's that bad or maybe I've just gotten used to it and think that's how air is...

  3. Speaking of Blake I havent even seen her in the 4th episode


    I bet she's hiding in the Shaodws

    But... but my theories... Will analyze the sound and come back with one of my theories soon >;o

    Bet she's either infiltrating the school, a part of the staff, or didn't get accepted.

    Maybe she has a date with Adam/shot

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