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    Ruby reacted to Weedanort in KH13 Community Timeline   
    That moment when you've been through almost everything that was mentioned so far
    ... Holy shet, I'm getting old
    Glad I could be of help for this timeline, and great job
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    Ruby reacted to Skai in KH13 Community Timeline   
    KH13 Community Timeline   Please read the FAQ before asking any questions. Thank you! (:   Timeline
      Unconfirmed / Without A Date:   FAQ:   Credits [Thanks for your contributions (in chronological order)]:   List of KH13 members relevant to this project & their nicknames / aliases (in order of appearance).   Closing Remarks: I've said this before, but KH13 is filled with wonderful people who have entered this site for the Kingdom Hearts news, but stayed for the awesome community. No matter what generation -no matter what year you joined KH13- always know you are welcome to join in on the fun. Sadly, before this, I never saw any sort of big timeline for newcomers, people who have been on hiatus, or just those who wanted one. It sucks to miss out on stuff, but with this, at least you get see what it was. It's important to look back at the past, good and bad, so you learn from it and grow. In this sense, grow as a community. Thanks for looking at the timeline, contributing if you did or will, and just being here! I hope to update this and make it better and more presentable in the future. Have a great life, KH13! (:   EDIT: Mods are free to edit this as necessary, since I won't be here all the time.
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    Ruby reacted to Col.Random in Frozen is NOT the first   
    I enjoyed Frozen and I'll probably sing the snowman song any chance i get, but the whole "ermagerd iz so purfekt nd furst to du evryting" is just annoying

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    Ruby reacted to Jim in FFVI gives me an idea about KH3...   
    So, I've been playing FFVI lately, great game. And one of it's plot elements gives me an idea bout what should happen in KH3. I guess you could say this is a spoiler for FFVI, but I think a lot of people probably already know about it anyway. So if you know nothing about FFVI and want to play it, well I guess don't read this, haha.
    My idea for KH3 comes from the point where Kefka changes the World of Balance into the World of Ruin. Imagine something like that happening in KH3! Like, around halfway through the game, Xehanort succeeds in obtaining Kingdom Hearts, but he also does something that plunges all the worlds into the Realm of Darkness. And after that, every world you visit, Disney or not, is heavily damaged, its residents are scattered and confused, and the heartless run rampant everywhere. 
    Think of all the ways this would be effective! 
    It would be the first time Xehanort's actions would have universal consequences. Like he's caused the destruction of a few worlds in the past, but this time it would effect EVERY world. Perhaps this could even lead to a point where he regrets his actions and we could see some emotional conflict in him. But maybe just not before Sora and co. tear him a new one. It would work for the storylines of each individual worlds. Like in many KH games, it feels like the main characters just go to the Disney worlds, learn a lesson of friendship or some crap that has little to do with the actual story, and then go on with their business. It would work here as each world Sora visits would need his help to undo the damage and regain control. It would be so much more than just "oh hi..... okay see ya later". And once he finishes this, there can be one huge final confrontation with Xehanort. Gameplay wise, it would work as it would explain the game getting more difficult as you went on. I want a challenge in KH3, and  this is a perfect opportunity for them to make the gameplay challenging in a way that works with the story.  
    So do you guys think this would work? I'm interested to hear your thoughts.
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    Ruby reacted to TheKingdomkid in Lazer Team a Film by Rooster Teeth   
    That's right ladies and gentlemen of this website the wonderful people from Rooster Teeth are making a movie called Lazer Team and they need your help in order to make it happen you can go to indi go go to help fund it it just launched today and is already halfway to it's goal I know I'm not the only person on this website that are a fan of these guys so if you wanna know more here is the video
    One of the perks was to have a walk on role for RWBY I know a lot of people like that show unfortunately it has already been taken but still you can help support the guys who make RWBY by helping them make this film.
    and here is the link for the project to fund it. https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/lazer-team-by-rooster-teeth
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    Ruby reacted to Aaron in I'll just wait here till Aaron plays Kingdom Hearts II   
    Hey man, I played coded. Not Re;Coded. CODED. How many of you guys can say that!?
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    Ruby reacted to Think Pink in Are people actually born gay? My analysis.   
    Why would anyone want to be gay? You have to worry about being beaten or raped or murdered your entire life. People who feel this way feel it because they don't have a choice. It makes no sense to want to be something that will cause you to live in fear your entire life. Although I can only speak for myself, I feel embarrassed as hell telling people irl about myself. I realize that something terrible can happen to me if the wrong person finds out. And yet I cannot change who I feel attracted to. It's not a choice I have - if it were, I'd be perfectly content with men. But that's not who I am and I don't have any choice in the matter. I definitely didn't grow up in an environment that "encouraged me to be gay". I went to two strongly homophobic Christian schools in elementary and middle school, but it was in early middle school that I figured myself out. That was when I'd still barely been on the internet, and certainly not exposed to the LGBTQIAP's presence. It doesn't make any sense for me, or anyone, to choose this. I realize that might have come off a little rude but that wasn't my intention, so sorry if you get that vibe. 
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    Ruby reacted to Think Pink in Are people actually born gay? My analysis.   
    lol it literally has like nothing to do with your upbringing. Being gay could end in beatings, rape, or death. If someone had the chance to be equally happy in life by being straight (the implication is that everyone is born straight), don't you think they'd choose that over the constant threat of assault or murder? I grew up in a very "masculine" household - by your logic, I should be 100% into men. But I like girls too. Intelligent animals are able to decide on their sexuality while less intelligent ones are not, because the less intelligent animals often only think of reproducing and don't care about anything else (for instance, female praying mantis eat males after mating). They're just not evolved enough to have complex social lives and relationships.
    Frankly, being straight would be really convenient for me. I really didn't get a kick out of watching my mom cry when I talked to her about it. I hate every time I'm forced to listen to some homophobic bible-thumper preach about how awful I am. If there was ANY choice in being part of the LGBT community NOBODY would choose it. This is probably the least thought out "analysis" I've ever seen in addition to coming off as pretty rude, not to mention that there is a plethora of studies that say the exact opposite. For example, the "gay gene" studies are unconfirmed and apply only to male genes (at the moment because such a thing cannot be confirmed in female genes, the implication is what they're finding doesn't actually have anything to do with sexuality). In addition to the fact that scientists have argued against the findings, the study specifically says "Being gay is nothing to do with your relationship with your mother, your father, or your best friend at boarding school". You literally said that the "gay gene" and such relationships described in the quote correlate, yet the study specifically says there's no correlation. You just made up that part. 
    I would seriously recommend that you not preach about a subject you don't appear to be well-informed about in a way that can be construed as offensive. 
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    Ruby reacted to Sikota Urinakano in The Black Cat Curse Project   
    Hello, KH13. I just finished composing this, and am in the process of writing lyrics. Once finsished, I'll have my UTAU (My robot singing slave thing) sing it, and then I'll post that. I'll put together a PV (Promotional Video) once that is done as well. Call me ambitious, but I just wanted to do it. It's called the Black Cat Curse Project. Let me know if anyone's interested. It'll motivate me to work faster, and turn one song into a potential series.
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    Ruby reacted to Shulk in Queen Elsa In Once Upon a Time   
    Don't like either one, but geez, Disney's going way too far with milking Frozen...
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    Ruby reacted to Ghost in The Unpopular Opinions Thread   
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    Ruby reacted to HarLea Quinn in The Unpopular Opinions Thread   
    Religious beliefs are very controversial and it's one of those subjects people will prolly never agree on bc people tend to feel very strongly about it. As long as we don't mock or belittle others beliefs/ or non-beliefs that are different than ours  this does not need to divide us. So I feel this applies :

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    Ruby reacted to Col.Random in The Unpopular Opinions Thread   
    A lot of video games are just too easy and that kills most of the fun
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    Ruby reacted to Ghost in The Unpopular Opinions Thread   
    People who mock others for their coping methods and motivations can be jerks.
    For example, apparently some people say "Disney prevented me from committing suicide" which is awesome, but then you have some guys saying "LOL if Disney made you not kill yourself then you must be really pathetic" BZZZZZZT. WRONGO.
    If someone doesn't kill themselves being prevented by anything...whether it's something like anime, the next season of Spongebob, a book series, their pet rat, or the peanut butter McFlurries from McDonald's...if it keeps someone from suicide, then it's good, alright?
    You have no goddamn right to mock or judge them. You just don't understand what that person is feeling and, that's fine. We're human, we're all different. But just don't judge them for what motivates them to live, okay? I mean (for example) if Yugioh and cosplay makes me happy and Anime Boston is a way for me to say "damn, I really gotta make it to next year so I can go to that convention!" then that's GOOD. No matter how stupid or nonsensical it may be, if it keeps a person going then it is a positive outlet that should be seen as an aid.
    Sure it's not ideal to rely on solely those things for happiness, but every little bit helps. Please, please, don't be an ass to someone who says "_____ made me not kill myself" because you really never, ever, know.
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    Ruby reacted to Queen Tery in My son, Logan Daniel Pero, born 4/15/14   
    Last night at 11 pm, King Riku(Briana)'s water broke. She was due last Saturday, April 12th. She was in labor for almost 9 hours with the last hour consisting of full on delivery. At 7:44 this morning, our son, Logan, was born. He was born 8 pounds(7 pounds, 15 ounces, to be exact ) and coming in at a total length of 20 and 3/4 inches long. For the most part he seems pretty healthy. His temperature and sugars were a bit low and they've kept him elsewhere in order to try and warm him up and get his sugars up. They're slowly going up and things are looking a little better


    LOOK AT THAT FULL HEAD OF HAIR. If there's one good thing I gave him...

    Quite the little thinker
    I will post more pics later, sadly because of him being rushed off to help work on his temperatures and sugars he hasn't been able to spend much time with his recovering mom So we only have one pic and I have been up for 30 hours and don't have the time to find it on one of our phones and put it up. I will later though. Promise
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    Ruby reacted to Emrys in RWBY   
    new rwby opening info.
    song: "its time to say goodbye" (according to jeff Williams so far, it may change he said)
    he also stated it should release "well before RTX" he also says that at the moment it is "incomplete" 
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    Ruby reacted to HarLea Quinn in I feel sorry for the rest of North America sometimes   
    So the person obsessed with everything Australian is making a topic accusing other people of caring only about the U.S ? Ok then .Ugh .
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    Ruby reacted to Mog in Why do so many people hate Justin Beiber?   
    I can't believe you're finding this so hard to take in. JB has been stirring shit in the media for the last 2 years. Getting caught with prostitutes, spitting on fans, disrespecting countries, making a HORRENDOUS comment about rape, egging houses and drunk driving. He shows a lack of respect for human life and absolutely no remorse for any of his actions. He thinks his celebrity status makes him superior to non famous people and above the law. He's a moron with a band of 12 year old puppet followers.
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    Ruby reacted to Queen Tery in Why do so many people hate Justin Beiber?   
    Where have you been for the last few months? And do you even know what google or yahoo is?
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    Ruby reacted to Queen Tery in Why do so many people hate Justin Beiber?   
    I would say it might be the part where he egged someone's house, where he went street racing while drunk and high at 5 am, then questions in an ignorant manner why he's being arrested, smiles in his mug shot, gets out of prison the same day, says that rape happens for a reason, sings music that is pretty repetitive and lacking in any major meaning, and overall he's an annoying, unintelligent punk who doesn't seem to deserve the fame he has.
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    Ruby got a reaction from Skai in RWBY   
    The ending song for episode 3 was in a podcast on YouTube with Jeff Williams. Someone on tumblr put only the music on an audio post for anybody who'd like to hear it (it's not in the best quality though since the video originally didn't have it in good quality either)
    The song's called Gold.
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    Ruby got a reaction from _The Door To Light_ in The Board Game Online Fanclub!   
    It just has to be made
    That's right. This is fanclub for one of the most awesomest games EVER!!! Here you can post new games you're starting so nobody feels left out anymore, talk about weird things that happen on there, and who wins in the games. Im horrible at making new threads but no one made it before. You guys can take it from here
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    Ruby got a reaction from Skai in RWBY   
    Jeff Williams posted the lyrics to the new song from Episode 8.
    Apparently it's called Red Like Roses Part II and will be released later this week. However, this won't be the full version, only the one from the episode. The full version will be released until October in the RWBY soundtrack.
    Looks like I have a new theme song!
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    Ruby got a reaction from Col.Random in The Board Game Online Fanclub!   
    It just has to be made
    That's right. This is fanclub for one of the most awesomest games EVER!!! Here you can post new games you're starting so nobody feels left out anymore, talk about weird things that happen on there, and who wins in the games. Im horrible at making new threads but no one made it before. You guys can take it from here
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    Ruby got a reaction from Skai in RWBY   
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