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  1. Well i am back guy it has been awhile. What is everyone up to?

  2. Just beat KH2 FM on critical. kinda thought it would be harder.

    1. Kingdom Of Me

      Kingdom Of Me

      did you do all the data battles and Lingering Will on critical?

    2. Steven Farnsworth

      Steven Farnsworth

      yeah they were difficult well some but i meant the main story

  3. Hey there, how are ya? Thanks for adding me :D

    1. Steven Farnsworth

      Steven Farnsworth

      pretty good. and no problem.

    2. Keyblader_95


      Well have a nice day xD

    3. Steven Farnsworth
  4. dot hack,fire emblem,persona,Ar Tonelico,the tales of, and the elder scrolls
  5. that is awesome my locals doesn't allow anything except English cards. which is unfortunate since i have mostly Japanese cards because i imported them when the game started.
  6. you run phantom dragruler? your locals allows Japanese cards? but anyways Revengers because they put more pressure on board.
  7. gamestop just short handed me out of kingdom hearts 1.5 hd remix and just gave me the regular edition. i could cry.

    1. Cucco


      really? go ask the manager

    2. Enmaa


      kill their firstborn.

    3. bit
  8. The World R:1 because thats were it all started. i would be a twin blade. i would just enjoy the surreal beauty of the game. the locations, the music, the enemies, and the other players. I would love to watch my character grow into a strong warrior, raise grunties, fight strong enemies, and have fun.
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