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  1. Can't wait to play as Roxas and a little more as Riku when the DLC comes.Remind has a Endgame vibe too.
  2. Hi! About Verum Rex, I have a doubt: Magia looks like a hybrid of Prompto and Ardyn.He performs magic attacks ,according to Rex and Verum Rex trailer. Aegis is a defenisive type guy and loks like a hybrid of Gladio and Ignis and uses a halberd . Who is the main villain of the game? The unnamed girl looks like a hybrid of Stella and Kairi.Which is her role in the game?
  3. I thought they lack to inform on Back Cover and 0.2 since al gamesl are connected and the Coded isn't there too.
  4. You're probably right.Thanks for claring my mind.KH has much information to align.I forgot to make the right association sometimes.Thanls
  5. Totally agree with you.Xion will be restored and Roxas will be torned apart from Sora, if Sora awakes Ven and, by Ven, recreate a heart for Roxas.Roxas,then,will become his own person and Xion will be remembered. I have just one question:When/If Sora awakes Ven,he'll lost the dual wield keyblade ability? For Naminé,it's a bit more complicated,cause she shares memories of Sora and Kairi and she came to existence from the combination, so. Sora need to find Naminé's heart part Kairi have and his own part to recreate her.but it's a real possibility.What do you think?
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