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Please note that this stream may contain spoilers for Kingdom Hearts III.
  1. I thought they lack to inform on Back Cover and 0.2 since al gamesl are connected and the Coded isn't there too.
  2. You're probably right.Thanks for claring my mind.KH has much information to align.I forgot to make the right association sometimes.Thanls
  3. Totally agree with you.Xion will be restored and Roxas will be torned apart from Sora, if Sora awakes Ven and, by Ven, recreate a heart for Roxas.Roxas,then,will become his own person and Xion will be remembered. I have just one question:When/If Sora awakes Ven,he'll lost the dual wield keyblade ability? For Naminé,it's a bit more complicated,cause she shares memories of Sora and Kairi and she came to existence from the combination, so. Sora need to find Naminé's heart part Kairi have and his own part to recreate her.but it's a real possibility.What do you think?
  4. It's the same date for the Vita version?I didn't find him on my game,so I need to ask it.
  5. It's time to celebrate.Post the pics and impressions about KH I.My experience was late,but great.I love Riku-Ansem scene on Holllow Bastion,the paopu bet for the heart of Kairi on the beginning and the sea shell scene on Traverse Town(Acquiring Oathkeeper). I love Disney scenes with Genie,Alice, the Beast,Halloween Town world ,Ariel(just her, cause I hate Ursula boss fight and the sea witch herself and I also hate the confusing map.I 'm lost on the world all the time.I love Olympus Colisem,Final fantasy characters and Traverse town dynamic story.I hate the way Xehanort's Heartless almost dived Riku on darkness.I love King Mickey "cameo" on the last scene and the fact he helped Riku after this and became his friend. I love Sora's sacrifice scene(Its reallLy sad) because this scene is the beggining of Roxas and Naminé's birth,my faves.
  6. Eraqus and Xehanort played a chess game years ago. The chess game are really linked to moments of future events ( BbS and the next ones) or the masters just played the game for fun and they projected their ideals showed on that moment for their entire life?.Xehanort was obsessed with Keyblade War and darkness already and Eraqus already thought the light is the answer and darkness is the wrong way.I support the first theory.What do you think.? Also I have another question: Which relationship Yen Sid have with Xehanort and Eraqus? I think he knew them and they argued and got separated way,but he watches them carefully untill nowadays.Many years after these events,he found Mickey and trained Mickey to be a Keyblade wielder.Which theories do you support?
  7. I have a soft spot for Roxas(I'm loyal and quiet like him),for Axel(He's the best friend for all people he cares,just like me),for Riku and Aqua(Their determination just like mine),Naminé(She's determined and sweet,as my girlfriend's perfect role model) and for Ven(He does everything for his real friends just like me).
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