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  1. Uhhh this is hard because I have a soft spot for both sea salt trio and wayfinder trio... I guess seasalt trio would still win in the end? Probably because Days is just really dear to me and I feel really nostalgic towards it because I feel like it was Days that really made me a Kingdom Hearts fan for life. Idk, there’s just something about them that I can’t quite explain.
  2. This isn’t really the case of me disliking them, but To me, only the main six Persona games are canon. I definitely don’t hate the spinoffs (I especially love PQ/PQ2), and I can accept them being technically canon, but I just want to keep them separate from the main lore. I don’t even like having P4G or P3P as part of the canon (sorry femc), and as much as I’m looking froward to P5R, the vanilla P5 will always be the canon version for me.
  3. I played KH1 the summer before I started high school, so 2011. I feel like it hasn’t been that long, but it’s been 8 years... I feel old. I have so many fond memories from that summer. Probably should have gone outside more often especially since it was a particularly warm summer and staying indoors (without air conditioning) felt like dying. Having electronic appliances on 24/7 just made it worse. It was all totally worth it, though.
  4. I haven’t really played much these past weeks, but now I’m back to playing FF6. Kinda lost motivation with PQ2, even though I got pretty close to the end. I think I played it way toi much at first and now I’m a bit tired of it lmao. But I’ll finish it eventually.
  5. really depends... sometimes i don’t play at all, sometimes i play several hours every day. on average, i guess i’d fall to the 11-20 hours category.
  6. Can't play it yet, but I'm kinda leaning towards Blue Lions atm... idk why, maybe it's the blue. (or because i subconsciously associate it with ravenclaw. or both. probably both.)
  7. The turquoise one is my favorite (my favorite colour, so of course it is). Still a bit unsure what I think of the Lite overall, though. But I might pick one up since I have some Switch games I really want to play, but Switch is a bit too expensive for me... it's a shame you can only play on handheld mode, but they obviously wanted to make Lite cheaper. So it's understandable.
  8. I actually haven’t played any Pokemon games (only had ps2 as a kid and later on it’s just never been my top priority), but I loved the first anime as a kid, so... gen 1.
  9. Mostly to meet friends. But I do cosplay sometimes. And I have a bad habit of buying way too much stuff from Artist Alley.
  10. Haven't decided yet, but Fire Force seems somewhat interesting? Probably nothing, though. I'm lazy. I really need to catch up to Fruits Basket, though...
  11. Would be Fire Emblem Three Houses, but I’m not buying it since I don’t have a Switch yet. Still interested to hear what other people think about it.
  12. Not really all that interested in VR. Kinda curious, but I tried it out once and got a bit sick.
  13. Oh god, Habbo Hotel... I'm not proud to admit I MIGHT have developed a slight addiction when I was like... 8 or 9? Might have also spent way too much actual money on it. Glad I grew out of it relatively quickly. I really had a lot of fun, though. But still. Glad I grew out of it.
  14. I mean most of my experience comes from Sonic Heroes back from when I was maybe nine and hardly knew enough english to have even a basic understanding of what’s going on, so I can’t say I really know Sonic characters that well. That said, I was pretty fond of the rabbit from Team Rose (I think her name was Cream?). I remember frequently trying to get rid of the other two so I could just play as her (problem being she’s absolutely useless alone). I also really liked Tails.
  15. Usually the story, but it really depends on what happens to catch my eye first. Sometimes it’s the gameplay, sometimes I just get interested in the game because it’s visually interesting or has a nice atmosphere. Oh, and I can’t say the studio plays no role in what I buy, as I usually pay a lot more attention to certain companies and thus end up buying more of their games(mostly Atlus, let’s face it). I guess it’s mostly a combination of different factors... But I can forgive a lot of things if the story/characters are good, so I guess the story’s still the main priority for me.
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