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  1. Cynquirana

    xemnas infinite falling

    I think he is internally screaming
  2. Cynquirana

    Happy Birthday Veemon!

    Happy birthday to veemon I guess :happy:
  3. Cynquirana

    Cookies party!

  4. Cynquirana

    Is it April Fools already?

    weedanort is eternal.
  5. Cynquirana

    a tomato

    I just wanted to share this tomato..that i found
  6. Cynquirana

    IMA KOSO HITOTSU NI! (We will become one!)

    yuuya running all over the place this is reminding me of everyone being sora or actually in this case it was xion again
  7. Cynquirana

    YuGiOh Duel Links randomness

    Dang so that's what japan's fashion are like nowaday pretty sure i keep seeing this commercial on tv tokyo livestream
  8. Cynquirana

    Happy Halloween KH13!

    ITS HALLOWEEN!!!!!!! I have to study too *sobs*
  9. Cynquirana

    You're Gonna HAve a Bad Time

    -looks at the video-
  10. Cynquirana

    Where are you from?

    I feel so out of place but hey that makes me rare i suppose? *cough* I'm from Malaysia :^)
  11. Cynquirana

    Last Post Wins!

    I am unsure what to put here but here is my old reaction art which i still cringe at til this day!
  12. Probably kh3 it seems kinda comfy? Still we don't have halloween here so I wont be doing so
  13. Cynquirana

    tomato on your page ?

    It is a tomato filled with egao on the inside does that count?