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  1. hey guys, ive been away from the whole KH side of the internet for a while now, Anything news from the DLC after the second trailer?
  2. Since the REAL Sora isn't the main protagonist you can consider it as a spin-off. It was also more the story about Mickey and crew investigated the Journey.
  3. I kinda get it but games like Re: Chain of Memories and Dream Drop Distance shouldn't be considered as a spin-off imo since Com picks up where Kh1 ended continues the main story. Same with DDD that picks up where Kh2 left.
  4. I'm totally fine with this if it's going to be a Re: χ[chi] remake and just sums up the whole story (Unchained, Union Cross & Back cover)
  5. I think you confuse hate with a ''negative'' opinion they have. after 13 year everyone expects the game to be perfect but it sure has it flaws.
  6. Believe this is false. Didnt they say they are thinking about? Believe nothing is set in stone
  7. Just finished KH3. Woow... just amazing!

  8. Playing KH3 right now. It was worth the wait guys!

    1. Mystics Apprentice

      Mystics Apprentice

      That is great to hear, especially given its mixed reception.  I just ordered a PS4 specifically for this occasion, so I'm happy to hear that the game is good.  Can't wait to check it out firsthand!!  Have fun!

    2. Connected


      Was worried too but lost every worry in the first hour! A little advice. Play on Proud since it is not that and it unlocks the secret ending easier.


    3. Mystics Apprentice

      Mystics Apprentice

      Very interesting.  I may give it a go!  To be honest I had a lot of difficulty on Proud Mode with the first KH installment, but maybe it is easier?

  9. Dont't expect more then the ending after the credits and the secret ending. I never played a final fantasy game, yet i'm sad there won't be more then 3(?) characters in it. Hollow Bastion/Radiant Garden was my favorite world in KH2 because I enjoyed the story and the characters so much!
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