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  1. Connected

    All worlds leaked

    Dont't expect more then the ending after the credits and the secret ending. I never played a final fantasy game, yet i'm sad there won't be more then 3(?) characters in it. Hollow Bastion/Radiant Garden was my favorite world in KH2 because I enjoyed the story and the characters so much!
  2. Connected

    About Twilight Town...Yikes

    Well they are doing that with the location of Lea and Kairi. And Radiant Garden
  3. Connected

    About Twilight Town...Yikes

    Possible. Or it is a very late world.
  4. Connected

    About Twilight Town...Yikes

    This is a tricky one. We have footage that it is playable yet it doesnt show up in the world list or world map.
  5. Connected

    KH3 rushed?

    Hmm. Kingdom Hearts 3 was announced at July 2013. So let's say they start early 2013 to 2018 which is 5 years, minus the 1 year delay because they switched to a new Engine (Although I don't believe that it really takes one whole year just to switch from engine ). So it was a full 4 years in development. Which should be enough time to create huge open-world games. Which KH3 is not, and that is of course not a bad thing! From the leaks, interview and trailers I get the vibe that Square Enix wanted to focus to get more people on board with the Kingdom Hearts franchise. and put the focus more on the Disney world rather then originals worlds. Which to me is a shame.
  6. Connected

    About Twilight Town...Yikes

    I feel the same way. Such a shame! Also Nomura said that Twilight Town is served as a Tutorial world but I really dont see how that is possible.
  7. Connected

    All worlds leaked

    Hmm I dont think 40gb is a lot. Red Dead Redemption 2 has the size of 100 gb. Sure they use two disks but still 40gb doesn't sound a lot to me.
  8. Connected

    All worlds leaked

    The game's epilogue and Secret movie. So the cutscenes at the end.
  9. Connected

    All worlds leaked

    Dont expect any bigger Twilight Town after the 1st day patch if that what you're saying.
  10. Connected

    All worlds leaked

    A piece of my died when I saw that!
  11. Connected

    About Twilight Town...Yikes

    Yeah, they look like Portals like in Dream Drop Distance. Low key hoped it was a portal to a Data battle with Vexen (Little CoM throwback)
  12. Twilight town is SOOO small... It is just the market with the train and the old mansion, not even inside the old mansion...
  13. Connected

    All worlds leaked

    Huh where have you hear about this " pocket dimension? Never heard of it before..
  14. Connected

    All worlds leaked

    But are they at Radiant Garden? Nomura already said that we wont be able to visit the world where Lea and Kairi are.