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About Me

Hello Dear visitor, As you can see from above my name here is Eternal Reckoning, but you can just call me Eternal because while the full title is majestic I'm nice like that. ; )


Long story short I was an active member of Kh13 about a million years ago and have finally awakened from my slumber and rejoined the living, the story going around from what I can tell is that I was dead, and I've got to tell you hell is better than everyone says it is. Anyways I woke up and I was just like wut, whered everybody go? Much like Ash from the evil dead it seems I have slept to long x D, but on the upside all you new faces seem really nice and im looking forward to getting to know you all better so keep the messages coming! : D


What do you need to know about me? Why dont you read on and find out? lol

The Big Reveal:

I am me, Everywhere, all the time. I'm not one of those assholes who just says whatever pops into his head and offends someone but im pretty much 100% me the rest of the time. I like to think I'm a nice guy and have time for anyone who has time for me, I'm all for making friends, keeping friends and everything inbetween and beyond : P


What Species is he?:

Hes definitely not human, many would speculate probably a goat, duck or some sort of walrus despite his unusual anatomy.


What does he do?

He likes to think he is an artist/ animator in the making, he is writing/ not really writing a comic that has been somewhat in the making since about 9001 b.c. He dabbles in the art of game production, is an aspiring martial artist. Oh and an activist in the making for the No hate Speech Movement.


What does he want??

He wants happiness, he wants to see the world, he wants to meet the girl, he wants to settle down before hes old and grey, hes a simple guy with a big heart.



But wait theres more!

What do I like?! I'll Tell you what I like! Yeah! Pump It! >_<



Much Like pretty much every one else here, I like anime(Although i rarely have time for it anymore), I like Games(Although I rarely have time for it anymore), I like Good T.v.(Although I rarely have time for it anymore), I Like people(I like people), you want specifics I got specifics!


Ze Anime!

I wont list them all lol but my absolute all time favourites have to be Darker than Black, Steins gate, Welcome to the NHK, Chrono Crusade, Dragonball Z, One Piece, Gurren Lagaan and Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood. Theres more but its kind of hard to think of them. xD



Ze Games!

Star Ocean, Kingdom Hearts, Dragon Quest, Final Fantasy, Disgaea, Devil May Cry, Sonic, Life is Strange there is more lol



Ze Good T.v.!

TWD, GoT, Twin Peaks, Ive watched a lot, ill do this when im thinking straight. lol



Oh yeah and music xD 

Queens of the Stone Age, Them Crooked Vultures, Pixies, Radiohead, Zeppelin, Galneryus Im a big hard rock, metal head dude lol without the drugs.



i was a yugioh card! : D

Eternal reckoning card

Eternal reckonings sora sketch P1

Eternal reckoning coloured sora

examples of manga pages:

Another example page for the manga i'm writing, hope you like it.

I've been writing a manga here is one of the rough sketches of one of my pages

My manga

(i'm not proud of this picture anymore lol)

Character from a manga i'm writing

Some more concept sketching from my comic

I've made a request thread for characters with org cloaks

Organisation Cloaks: Part 1: Kairi colour

heres some of them lol they ancient by this point xD ive gotten much better

Organisation cloak: part 3: lelouch organisation IN COLOUR

Crash colour by eternal reckoning requested by BitTripNano

Organisation cloak: Part 4: Naruto (colour)

Organisation Cloak: Part 5: Fuko Ibuki in org cape (Colour)

Organisation Cloak: Part 6: Father Balder org cloak, (colour)

Organisation Cloak: Part 7: Hikaru and kaoru: coloured

Organisation Cloak: Part 8: Gohan: colour upload to, quality improve

Organisation Cloak: Part 9: Megaman X: Colour

Organisation Cloak Part 10: Inori from Guilty Crown: Colour

MY 32 Bit sprite gallery!

Kairi School sprite by me

Sora kh2 32 bit by me :)

32 bit riku

32 bit vanitas

32 bit vanitas no mask

32 bit vanitas lingering sentiment

32 bit Xemnas in cow cape!

32 bit Xemnas!

32 bit Young xehanort

32 bit Young xehanort

32 bit lelouch :)

32 bit Zero. :)

Kamina 32 bit requested by hei

Zexion 32 bit sprite

Edward Elric 32 bit

Wisdom form Sora 32 bit

Neku 32 bit sprite.

White Mage 32 bit sprite

other requests:
i will post any requests that are not catagorized in one of my projects here,
feel free to request btw ;)

A picture for a fantastic friend, soon to be coloured.

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