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Status Updates posted by Lalalablah

  1. ghosty





  2. do you know now, data twilight town had beta testers!

    raise your hand or let me know inside if you were a beta tester in the Data Twilight Town. 



  3. Kairi's holy princess of heart spells...

  4. I’ve got a message for your DMs

    1. Heather Chandler

      Heather Chandler

      That could be good or bad

  5. When all of us get together in person, our team will be even more unstoppable than we are now

  6. I’m looking for Shana09, what’s she been up to?

  7. alive and well i am

  8. i have russian coffee but im missing something else

  9. i had a dream i was you

  10. My friend made me a 5 hour playlist for Christmas :') I think that is so sweet

    1. Ghost


      OMG that is! ; A ;

  11. kinda want to make a shirt with a picture of Korra and Asami holding hands on it

    1. Lalalablah




      anyone want to buy this for me, I'll give you my soul in return

  12. when you stare at the stars for three hours you start to see weird things

    1. Show previous comments  6 more
    2. Javelin434


      That can be an asteroid or a comet xD

    3. Lalalablah


      Well I saw a few shooting stars so that was cool, but ok the strangest thing I saw looked like a reflection of a portion of my face sort of like when you float on your back underwater and you can see yourself. And then there was this flashing jet that didn't make any noise which I thought was kinda bizarre, it was moving faster than a plane and I can hear those going over. This is probably just a visual illusion but when I was staring at the sky everything seemed to pulsate. Seeing the cl...

    4. Lalalablah


      Seeing the clouds completely cover the sky in under 10 minutes was more interesting than weird

  13. Ok dumb question but how does counterguard work in KH2? I've been trying square then x, but I haven't gotten it to work yet

    1. Skhyatze


      You guard something and after you guard it you press X. It stuns certain enemies like Pete Xemnas 1 etc.

    2. Lalalablah


      Huh so it only works on certain enemies? Guess I'll keep trying that, hope it works

  14. g e t u p o n t h e h y d r a ' s b a c k

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    2. Jilly Shears

      Jilly Shears

      d a n c e w a t e r d a n c e

    3. Josuke Higashikata

      Josuke Higashikata

      G o t i t m e m o r i z e d ?

    4. Lalalablah


      well well well I like how this turned out

  15. 2.5 finally came in the mail today!!

    1. littleTSUBAME
    2. MasterRoxas13


      RIP lalala social life.

    3. Lalalablah


      psh that died a long time ago

  16. remix of the one snow white song :O

  17. "You’re right, we should totally ignore peoples’ valid rage and anger and their case for justice if they happen to be destroying property while they protest. Destroying things to make a point is wrong. Next we know they’ll be throwing a lot of tea into the ocean or something."

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