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  1. Oh wow, that's awesome that your birthday is coming up! Congrats in advance! :D


    And well, as for what your party should be about, make sure that it's something very you! Something you know you'll love and will always carry in your heart as a lovingly good memory! Make it as fun as you can! Your idea sounds great! I'd add a healthy video gaming session so everyone can freak out and have fun! :3

    Thanks you :D and thanks for the suggestion, I just have nooooo clue on what I want. But I've got this lol


    -Buying your own rated M game [since you have to be 18 or older]

    -Laser tag is always a good default

    -Buy yourself an entire birthday cake and eat it. All. By. Yourself. Because you're an adult and we can do that!

    -Eat dessert for breakfast [again because adulting]


    I may or may not have done all of this on my 18th birthday xD

    Hahaha being an adult will be amazing then xD


    Maybe having a costume party?

    I'm bad at coming up with ideas...

    If all the guests dress up as their favorite fictional characters, that could be fun... maybe... hmmm...

    I'm sorry for my bad ideas...

    It's a good idea! I just don't think I have enough time to gather some money and whip up a costume lol


    If you are not going to say it I will Blow and Hookers! :D


    also the 28? one lucky guy you hope your parents bought you the kingdom hearts collection

    If only I had a PlayStation :(


    One fun theme you could do is voting since, by then, you'll be able to vote. Like the invites can be "ballots" or something like that. Idk. Just a random idea.

    It'd be pretty cool. But like, I'm not into politics xD Thanks for the suggestion :)




    I mean, it's more intense than a Nerf gun fight, that's for sure. X)"

    Playing laser tag would be epic!


    (family friendly)


    Me hidding all dirty shit ''sorry I don't have any ideas''

    xD yeaah, gotta keep it clean for my siblings 

  2. Hey guys!!~

    Soooo my 18th birthday is this mooooonth!!  0/*  0/* 
    It's the 28th, so I'm trying to come up with some ideas for a small little party my parents want to throw for me and invite some peoplezz. Like what kind of theme should I do or like should I include party games or I don't know. I'm open to almost any ideas (has to be family friendly guys  xP) But yeah, I'm super stoked about my birthday, and I just can't think of anything. I thought of a Nerf Gun party, like have Nerf Gun games and stuff. But I don't know if that's good for an 18th birthday  xD  xD


    Thanks guys! Stay awesome~~  0/*  <3

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