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  1. Terraforce777

    Jim's In-Depth Analysis of the New Trailer

    No mention of the command styles???
  2. Terraforce777

    When will the trailer be here?

    That could be forever... ;(
  3. Terraforce777

    When will the trailer be here?

    'They' as in who?
  4. Terraforce777

    Will Gamestop be open for 1.5 release?

    Hey hey now, it was a typo, I meant mid-September. Besides that post was from three months ago.
  5. Why is everybody so bent out of shape over the HD remake? Someone always has something bad to say about it, whether it be a two minute cutscene, or "terrible graphics". Get over yourselves. Can't you just be happy for those who like KH and want a KH game (Final Mix) that was secluded from us for several years? If you don't want it, fine. But please stop going on needless confrontations for a game you are in no way obligated to purchase. This game was clearly made for fans who want a more accessible KH and for those who want to catch up for KH3. So please stop acting as if KHHD was supposed to be some uber complete remake of previous games and accept the fact that it turned out better than most hd "remakes".
  6. I have school from 9:30 until 3, Cross Country from 3-5:30, and night classes from 7-8:30. So I can either try to go really early or really late. I most likely won't do either, so Wednesday at earliest.
  7. I agree it's pretty lazy,but if you've played other HD "remakes" you shouldn't expect much in the first place. Take Metal Gear's HD remake for example, there is literally almost nothing different in ANY of the games, just slightly more polished graphics. At least SE have us the Days cutscenes from SCRATCH. Few HD remakes even change a thing, so you should be happy it turned out the way it did AND it comes with a shiny limited edition artbook.
  8. I preordered my copy fairly early from Gamestop (like a week or two after it was available). So do I still get that artbook thing?
  9. Terraforce777

    Sora in the new SSBB Wii U?

    Yeah I agree as well. Too many non-Nintendo characters would take away from what SSB was meant to be. Although adding a SE character wouldn't be too off, as Square even has characters in a couple of Mario games. Then again, they felt wierd being in those games, so regardless it wouldn't be a good fit IMO.
  10. Terraforce777

    How does Roxas know Marluxia?!

    Basically a combination of what everybody above said. spoilers** At the very end of KH 1 as you may or may not know, Sora was turned into a heartless, consequentially creating a Nobody, Roxas. KH 358/2 Days begins right after Sora gets turned into a heartless and begins with the player playing as Roxas, still between KH1 and CoM. In the first few missions you play as Roxas getting mentored by each member that leaves for Castle Oblivion in CoM, and Marlexia is inevitably one of the tutors before he ventures off for Castle Oblivion not too lOng afterwards. So this pretty much sums it all up. Hope it helps
  11. Terraforce777

    Poll: Flipped Vs Default

    YOU CAN CHANGE IT!? I had no idea. Thanks bro. I always thought that it was so annoying when I tried to scroll for Curaga against Terra-Nort as Aqua, and ended up choosing Mega Flare by mistake. I'm still missing like 2 trophies, so next time I play I'll know what to do. Thanks and thanks again!
  12. I've tried no magic on Proud mode and failed epically.
  13. Terraforce777

    Do you hate the 2D models?

    I still don't get what you mean by 2D, but it did bug me how in 358, and I think BBS too, how all the keyblades looked flat, as opposed to being 3D as they should be.
  14. Terraforce777

    Do you hate the 2D models?

    I have no clue what you are referring to by 2d models...