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Status Updates posted by Varnish

  1. I have never made a popular thread before...

    1. Zola


      I'd say the equation for thread Success = Relevant + Original + Interesting

    2. Zola


      For your target audience, anyway.

    3. Varnish


      Thank you. I will keep that in mind.

  2. I can hardly believe that I started this...

  3. Mental note: People are not liked for expressing their opinions.

    1. Sora96


      That's the Internet for ya.

  4. Kingdom Hearts - Disney = ?

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    2. Zola


      Not going to say it.

    3. Varnish


      @Zola: Say what, exactly?

    4. Zola


      I do not feel like explaining the details here.

  5. To know everything, you must give up everything.

  6. If you read this message, please reply.

  7. Am I the only person here who regrets creating at least half of the threads that they make?

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    2. teh lazy prince Xylek

      teh lazy prince Xylek

      not even changing avatars and signing off control of the hedgarmy to me? :D

    3. Col.Random


      I meant stuff I've actually done xD

    4. teh lazy prince Xylek
  8. Forum Logic: Everyone else resembles what their profile picture depicts.

  9. I have had enough. No more Pokemon-related threads for me.

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    2. Varnish


      I appreciate that.

      What about the one before your first response?

    3. Shana09


      I'd have to see if I can even take that down. Honestly it is some criticism. Don't be offended on it, even if I entirely disagree with your post in so many ways, just keep on posting.

    4. Varnish



      I am going to stop posting any opinions of mine about the series anyway. Nobody agrees with them, and the fact that someone liked the post adds insult to injury.

  10. Someone has posted something disturbing on the "Respond with Pictures" thread...

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    2. Varnish


      It is in the last post on page three-hundred-and-sixteen of the thread.

    3. Enmaa


      Okay thank you.

    4. Enmaa


      Okay in reality I was being sarcastic, I needed a link to the thread not the page, but whatever I'll go do something else.

  11. I do not mean to sound rude, but what was I supposed to be talking about?

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    2. Shana09


      Because XY thread is for XY. We kind of detatched from that and went into the meta game.

      But the main reason was because the discussion already went on for a while, and yes it is a general topic, so thats why it was stopped.


      You can always create a brand new topic about it if you want, its better to do it there.

      Just name it "What's so good about Talonflame?" or something like that. The discussion could go on forever and it remains on topic! Unless of cou...

    3. Shana09


      Just name it "What's so good about Talonflame?" or something like that. The discussion could go on forever and it remains on topic! Unless of course someone derails it.

    4. Varnish
  12. Amaura is a character from MLP crossed with a Dratini.

    1. Cucco


      Ikr me and all my friends called it the pony pokemon

  13. Can you feel the sunshine; does it brighten up your day?

  14. My "like quota" has now been reached.

    1. Xiro
    2. Javelin434


      I have to try and reach that xP

    1. bit



      * Dies from a heart attack*

      See Varnish, look what made me do, made me die of a heart attack

  15. Can someone please tell me how to include videos in posts, instead of their links?

    1. Sora
    2. SoraBlade


      Or you can highlight the link and then change the text to a colour.

    3. Varnish


      Thank you both.

  16. Why do people always say what I want to say before I say it?

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