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  1. So I started at a new school a couple of weeks ago. Knew I wasn't going to like this student in my class when his first words to everyone was, "Do you like dank memes?"

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    2. Master Eraqus
    3. Felixx


      Just kidding xP But that this guy was asking if someone likes dank memes doesn’t really tell that much about him to dislike him right away, imo.

    4. Master Eraqus

      Master Eraqus

      No, it certainly doesn't. But it gave me an idea when he asked that same question when we started every single class with every teacher. I found it funny the first time... not so much the 10 other times. But he's also said some other stuff, some of which I haven't heard, which has caused the rest of the class to dislike him. From what I've heard, he's said some pretty offensive stuff, including mentioning a dead relative of one of my classmates.

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