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    Ausba reacted to Zola in Good tidings, friends!   
    Haven't read Wheel of Time yet, but BRANDON SANDERSON.
    THAT MAN. IS MY HERO. I know he's been finishing up the series.
    Have you read The Way of Kings by chance?
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    Ausba reacted to Ruby Rose in Good tidings, friends!   
    "Today is a momentous day."Sorry, just had to finish your Xemnas quote Welcome to the site! : D A lot of cool people make up this place so odds are you'll probably enjoy it here! ^^
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    Ausba got a reaction from Ruby Rose in Good tidings, friends!   
    Greetings one and all to my fellow Kingdom Hearts fans! I am Austin and I too, like the rest of you, could not live without this series. Let's see, when I'm not playing this series, you can find me at college earning a degree in Computer Information Systems. Aside from the obvious video gaming, I also enjoy reading books (Wheel of Time anyone?) and spending time with my very few close friends. I am more than excited for the upcoming Kingdom Hearts games and I figured I'd join up here and experience this with you all. Any questions or comments, feel free to ask away.
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