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  1. I've been alright. Craving KH RP's though, considering someone in my dorm just started playing the series, and I've been helping them.
  2. "Wanna just check on the captains room?" He says to you. "You can move some of the stuff out so we can repair..."
  3. Yo! Name: Jonathan Sessler A.K.A Kinetic Age (11-25): 16 Gender: male Appearance: Personality: stony Bio: Was normal until now... Can't figure out why... Solo or Team?: drifts Powers/Abilities/Weapons: Can manipulate energy.., can go out of control Theme: Name: Derek Jason A.K.A Bearer Age (11-25): 18 Gender: male Appearance: Personality: Can shift on rings Bio: Has been chosen as ring Candidate by multiple people... Is what he says... Rumors are that he stole them from comrades of the light wars. Since he is not a paragon of white lantern, he can't successfully control all of the rings. He is constantly berated by phantoms of the rings he has... Drowning them out with music... Solo or Team?: drifts due to rings Infulences Powers/Abilities/Weapons: Has green, red, yellow, orange rings Theme: Name: Jack Wilson A.k.A Brainiac 77 Age (11-25): 13 Gender: Robot Appearance: Human Hologram: Personality: calculating... Kind of a factual jerk... Tries to be nice... Honest... Bio: is supposedly a brainiac from the future, but seems to have his memories wiped clean, a possible side effect of time travel. Solo or Team?: team Powers/Abilities/Weapons: Robot stuff. Can transform bodies, can hack almost anything Theme: From the old young justice RP lol
  4. That would be interstingI had this premise for a Marvel DC Crossoover RP After a freak accident, the marvel and DC universes collided, and the worlds were forever changed. Years passed and no one has found the cure to this, and soon enough, no one cared. A new Generation has been birthed. New enemies, friends... Heroes and Villains. CS Name: Hero, villain, or neutral?: Hero/villain name: Parents (optional): Powers: Group? (Like Teen Titans, League of evil, etc): Bio: Age:
  5. "Alright!" He said, and go to work on the gears. Meanwhile, the captain was not all well, huffing and wheezing.
  6. "HMm?" He looked at her. "I was speaking out loud. You don't hafta if you don't wanna." He smiled at her/
  7. "Pre.....Dick...Ah! Predicament!" He smiles and looks at you. "Thats the word!" He looks at you. "Soo....We need to find land, and fast...."
  8. The ship was, in a word, completely torn to shreds. There were supplies everywhere, some split out onto the floor. He looked around and sighed. "Well isint this a pre....pre... Whats the word...?"
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