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  1. Happy Halloween everyone! Sorry I haven't posted a new KH picture in a whike, I've been working on art for my own video game and stuff. Busy busy! Hopefully I'll have some other stuff soon, planning a Naminé, a Larxene, and a Dark Riku soon! Stay safe, stay awesome!
  2. Thank you so much! Sorry for not replying, in, like, forever, I'm finally back online on this site. I'll post more soon!
  3. Doctor Artist

    Halloween Sora - Ink

    I'm back everyone! This time with a quick fifteen-minute ink sketch of Sora. Happy Early Halloween, everyone! Lately I've been doing five-to-fifteen minute sketches a day. If anyone wants to see a particular sketch, let me know!
  4. I'm actually REALLY digging this. Keep it up, mate! I'd love to read all of this!
  5. I haven't updated my profile since December...hmmm...when I wake up, I shall have to change that.

  6. Doctor Artist

    The Gambler of Fate

    Aw shucks, thank a billion!
  7. I mean, it COULD be possible, seeing how the menu for KH 0.2 looked. It follows a similar pattern...ish. Heh. We'll all have to see, won't we? Either way, doesn't look half bad!
  8. Doctor Artist

    The Gambler of Fate

    Been a while since I've been on this much of a role with art! First time making an art piece of Luxord, which is surprising considering how long I've been doing art of KH. Anyways, hope you all enjoy this! Took a long LONG time to work on.
  9. Doctor Artist

    Zexion - Remastered

    Thank you so much! If there's an Organization member you want me to draw, just let me know. ^_^
  10. Doctor Artist

    Zexion - Remastered

    This is a new art piece based on an old piece from 2014. Thought I'd see what I can do now that i couldn't do back then. HUGE difference! If anyone's interested, check out the old piece, then look back at this. Look at the huge difference! ORIGINAL PIECE http://thedoctorartist.deviantart.com/art/The-Organization-s-Consultant-449981805 2017 PIECE: http://thedoctorartist.deviantart.com/art/Zexion-Remastered-677508251
  11. Doctor Artist

    Lineless Kairi

    This is amazing! o.o
  12. I FORGOT THE HANDLE, Oh this is embarrassing! Alright, so...I just noticed that. My apologies. I'll most likely go back and redo the missing handle.
  13. Doctor Artist

    "Xion's Remembrance"

    Every year, I do an art piece of Xion, a character I just for some reason really loved. Let me know what you all think of it!
  14. We MIGHT...I have a feeling we'll get something at the concert, though, I feel there's more of a chance to get something new out of the concert.
  15. It took so long to be able to get back to making this piece. I have a habit of just...forgetting...about WIPs I start on. But...ahem..."The Last Vessel" is finally finished! http://kh13.com/forum/gallery/image/45892-the-last-vessel/
  16. Doctor Artist

    The Last Vessel

    So...what if Sora wasn't saved in Dream Drop Distance? This is my idea of what would have happened. Hope you all like it!
  17. I still say that Aladdin could have passed the lamp to Goofy, then to Donald, then to Sora, and then back to himself, and there'd be a lot more wishes to go around before that final third wish. Just saying.

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. MythrilMagician


      Or you could wish for there to be no rules

      no rule saying you can't do that

    3. catmaster0116


      exactly!! I guess some people forget they can make that wish...and in the heat of the moment use up all their wishes.

    4. Trece the Xam ( ▀ ͜͞ʖ▀)
  18. Yeah, the 200 years talk is way too specific. Gets me thinking. Like others have said, Keyblade wielders are not the only people who know about Keyblades and Keyholes, and being that he's a genie might mean he's just entitled to the knowledge of Keyholes/Keyblade/Key Stuff. But that 200 years....guys, what would 200 years be? There has to be something to that. I don't think it is sarcasm, it is too specific to be so. I know Nomura probably wasn't thinking about all this back in KH1, but it seems to be that many of the things he's mentioned in passing seem to mean more as the story goes on. 200 years. Something to look into is all I'm saying.
  19. Well I mean, this just started in November, so we have plenty of time to see them at a later date.
  20. The silver coloring is what gives it away, and the curved spike pattern the rest of them have...I'm with you on the whole Nobody thing. I'd say it is possible for them to make a comeback, I mean...it isn't like Nobodies simply don't exist after KH2. Ha...get it...it isn't like Nobodies don't exist.....heh......
  21. HP1 "Now, let's try jumping!" "We're going to teach you how to climb!" "You're getting the hang of this!" HP2 "To Jump, run to the ledge and press the right mouse button." "Harry, you need to get over to this ledge over here!" "Harry!" It just seems like Fred and George have far more patience with Harry than Ron did.
  22. Doctor Artist

    Marluxia - Watercolor

    Keep in mind, I haven't done watercolors in YEARS. I never really worked with watercolor before that, either. So when I was told to work on a Kingdom Hearts watercolor as a challenge, you can tell I might have been a bit nervous/worried about the outcome. Besides, you guys know me, I do digital art, not watercolor! BUT...with time and dedication, I was actually able to work on it to a point where it came out wonderfully. I didn't finish the zipper or the pillars, sadly, and now I can't because the person who challenged me is no longer in contact. But I think it turned out great considering I have no real experience in watercolor.
  23. Finally working on more KH pictures. Been a long time since releasing new art.

  24. M.o.M. here stands for Master of Masters, one of the two hooded figures in X/Unchained X. You know, I've actually thought about this. I've had feelings for a long time now that NO ONE is the traitor. You plant an idea in a group's head, and it'll either thrive from it or be torn apart from it. Like Sherlock's Season 2, where everyone started thinking the killer was the wrong guy just because doubt was planted in everyone's heads. I honestly believe that you're right, this is all just a test to see they loyalty of the Foretellers. Maybe also a test to see how strong they are together versus separated?
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