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  1. halloweentown(dcom) in kingdom hearts? *jawdrop* SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MUNNY, SQUARE ENIX!!!
  2. i maybe just maybe...............
  3. thing you need to be a disney princess Singing Ball gown Park appearences FILM!!!!!
  4. i can see the organisation try to kidnap sofia in order to get all of the princesses.
  5. i don't think sephiroth will take orders from maleficent.
  6. if d-links make a return in kh3 how do you want as a d-link?
  7. Chugginton is not disney plus you spell kingdom hearts wrong!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. how will xehanort be a pedo by kidnaping sofia?
  9. name a disney/square enix bad guy that you want in Maleficent's army for kingdom hearts 3.
  10. post your kingdom hearts memes on here.
  11. tinker bell,star wars, cars2,Monster Inc,Toy Story,Wreck-It-Ralph,toontown online,Tangled,frozen ,the lone ranger,Kim Possible Movie: So the Drama,,Sofia the First: Once Upon a Princess,epic mickey,ponyo,Narria, the world that never was,Captain eo,club penguin, meet the robbions,and snice disney own miramax filmsIn Search of Santa.​
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