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Status Replies posted by blackhammer

  1. Wouldn't get my hopes up for KINGDOM HEARTS III at E3 or TGS.

  2. Just saw the Amazing Spider-Man 2. Trying not to cry. Crying a lot.

  3. I don't wanna go school

  4. It's been 47 days but I can finally have soda again

  5. I have downloaded meme creator... *Smiles slyly.* Let the fun begin.

  6. I just watched Frozen for the first time today.....dem feels.

  7. Disney has put Elsa in Disney Infinity...

  8. Hello! <3 thank you ever so much for the friend add this little princess shall cherrish it always >w

    1. blackhammer


      your welcome and thinks forb the snickers bar

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  9. Thank you for the friend add!

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